What powers the Honor 7X? The EMUI – Top Features

Huawei has impacted smartphone industry in a big way. The brand has created a niche for itself in the global market; due credits can be attributed towards the wide range of devices in all the price package with great specifications.

Few days ago, Huawei announced Honor 7X in India. Not just the hardware, the software on these phones is our favourite too. The phone offers the latest version of EMUI, with an intuitive interface with several gesture tricks. Here we list our favourite features that make Huawei’s EMUI unique.

Home Screen Customisations: With EMUI, one can customise home screen as per their own requirement. Pinching the home screen with two fingers will reduce the screen size and four options will appear at the bottom wallpapers, widgets, transition, and layout.

The EMUI user interface lets you accomplish several tasks even without unlocking your device, this makes usage of device hassle free. If you swipe up from the bottom of the display while the device is locked. A menu pops up, which lets you use the device as a voice recorder, calculator, firing the camera or let you use the rear LED as a torch.

With the great screen display , Huawei provides its users with the good collection of wallpapers. One can change the wallpaper by both ways manually & with the use of EMUI. By shaking the device one can change the wallpaper. To activate the feature, go to the wallpaper section and activate the desired toggle.

Motion & Gestures Friendly: EMUI provides seamless functioning with gestures and motions for controlling the device. The various options that EMUI gives are flip to mute, shake to rearrange and tilt to move icons, pick up to reduce volume, widgets, keyboard, dialler or navigation bar. Steps: Go to Settings>>All>>Smart Assistance>>Motion Control and customise the required gestures.

Notification Modifications: EMUI user interface lets one control the notification behaviour of the apps. You can allow any app to send you the notification or block it permanently. Steps: Settings>>All>Notification Manager and tap on the app icon, which you want to restrict. A popup window will appear with Allow, Notify and Restrict options.

Dropzone Manager: DropZone Manager is a key feature from the house Huawei to make the screen less cluttered. DropZone allows any seven apps to send floating notification. Steps: navigate to Settings>>All>>DropZone Manager

Two Profile creation: With Huawei phones, one can hide their Contact, Album, and App. It also gives you an option to restrict certain albums, apps, and contacts to yourself only. The EMUI allows you to creates two user profiles ó Administrator and Guest.

If you are logged with the admin password, everything will remain open to using, but if logged in using the guest password, certain user-mentioned contacts, albums, and apps won’t be visible or accessible. Steps: Navigate to Settings>>All>>Security>>Privacy Protection. First, you’ll be prompted to create the admin password and then the guest password.

Modification of Navigation Bar: Every Huawei phone comes with three control menus at the bottom of the display. But EMUI allows changing the order or adding the notification panel open option on that bar. Steps: Navigate to Settings>>All>>Smart Assistance>>Navigation Bar and turn on the Navigation Bar toggle and choose the desired option.

Display Customisation – Daydream, Colour Temperature: With EMUI one can change Huawei smartphones display according to their preference. The EMUI offers you options to change the display colour temperature and brightness. We always prefer to leave the colour temperature to phone’s default settings, an option for modifying colour temperature comes as a great help to make the screen comfortable for reading as per your convenience.

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