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Meet this nifty Website Builder, Wix!

Times have become much easier now and platforms like Wix have made your job easier. Depending on your personal requirement, just arrange all elements into the right place and there you have a self-created masterpiece to help your business do better. So, once you have clear objectives for developing the much-needed site, Wix will help you achieve that goal. It’s powerful, offers greater flexibility and is also simple-to-use. Things work smoothly, and in a matter of hours, you can get to see a professional, functional, eye-catching and technically strong website for your business.

With over 500 beautiful templates catering to several industries, Wix is one amazing feature-packed website builder that helps you get online through a personal/ professional website, created within hours. Wix is an efficient blank canvas editor that saves both your time and efforts! It’s the ultimate solution for your small business to get you to the forefront. Because, when you have an appealing website, it is a great way of reaching out to your potential clients/ customers. And gone are days when you would have to have those impressive and high-end skill sets to build a website.

Build a website using Wix, we have tested the features and they turn out to be amazing!

How Legit Is Wix?

There are a few things that you need to consider before moving further to use this popular website builder. And here is what you need to know:

  • Wix offers a true drag-and-drop feature which allows the user to have the utmost control over the website creation process.
  • Wix provides the user with several small to big hacks so as to avoid any kind of chaos. It has the provision of accommodating all kinds of industry-specific needs ranging from SMEs, hospitality, restaurants to designers, photographer and musicians. The site is said to be the most innovative when compared to its competitors.
  • The platform works with ADI – Artificial Design Intelligence where the all the elements can be arranged and created by Wix’s very own artificial intelligence (AI) program.
  • Each of the designs along with templates is up-to-date without you having to touch any external or internal codes. And even if you want to get into advanced settings, it’s not at all a hassle.
  • The level of flexibility provided to the users makes the efforts worth it. But, that is what makes the website a little scattered as it lacks the needed polish and elegance which several other website builders offer.
  • Talking about the technicalities, as a user, you will be provided with several precise customization options for every page of the website. And all of these elements stay beautifully intact in one place. The plentiful features provided by Wix are for the ease of their users.
  • The iOS and Android mobile application of Wix lets the user manage his/ her website even through the comfort of their smartphone.
  • The interface is pretty simple to understand with an array of imaginable designs that you can make use of.
  • For all your SEO needs, Wix even offers SEO services and allows customization as per Google friendly settings.
  • Their support system is available throughout the world. Email or call them and they’ll get your issues sorted.
  • Users can easily add audio players, blog pages, e-Commerce elements, newsletter features along with restaurant menus and membership system.
  • Things work smooth; however, if you want to create a multilingual website, instructions are a bit complex and require a lot of efforts to be put in from your end. For creating a multilingual site, Wix isn’t a preferable platform.
  • Themes are beautiful but cannot be changed like other such platforms. Once you choose a template, it get’s locked. However, there are tremendous elements that you can easily customise to achieve the best ever results. And for that matter, a theme can be self-created right from the scratch.
  • Even after being claimed as a wonderful website builder, Wix is unable to manage the complex e-commerce requirements. Although a certain set of improvements have been made you cannot consider all of the details to be included.
  • Since you are using the free version of Wix, it prominently displays advertisement banners and logos on your site. But, once you upgrade to a paid plan, the advertisements get removed.

Who Is Wix Ideal For?

If you are someone who isn’t well versed in the technicalities of coding and stuff, then Wix is for you. And if you are someone who wants to save their time and effort and not invest a fortune, then Wix is for you! Start building your website and publish content by the end of the day. It’s that simple! The platform is economical, doesn’t make you wait much, offers advanced features and is easy-to-use.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI):

The ADI program is what makes Wix one of a kind. You will be able to automatically align several elements while designing your website. The Artificial Intelligence design-assistant program solves 80% of your troubles including the initial design setup, content insertion and making the first look just-so-good. AI technology at Wix helps you create the initial look after which you can keep making refinements and rearrangements. However, this is an optional feature and if you really want to go about in the traditional manner, you are also free to do so.


Hosting is a bit scary part of the entire website-building process. So, just to allow the user to concentrate on establishing his/her business website, Wix takes care of all the hosting options, even if you aren’t on the premium plan.

App Market:

Wix has a huge Application Market through which you can grow your site tremendously. This is another major feature that makes Wix distinctive from other such platforms. Each of these can be efficiently integrated into the user’s site which extends the functionality. For instance, features like live chat, contests and email marketing etc can be added with the help of these apps.


If you feel that you are satisfied with the free version of Wix and you may want to try the paid version, here is what you need to know. The image below easily tells you about the Premium packages for building a site at Wix. And if you ask us, it totally depends on you to decide if the investment is worth it or not. Consider spending some time on the free version and understand which services are you being offered and which are not included. Make sure you know which all services and offers are required by you and accordingly pick a plan.

Create A Professional Website: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to build a website on Wix? This is how you can easily do so. The process is straightforward and will make you a website creating master!

  1. Sign-Up for an account at Wix to create your personal website.
  2. Choose the type of site you want to create.
  3. Select a preferable template.
  4. Modify the already present details and replace the same with your personal elements on the page.
  5. Change the visual elements and add media pertaining to your specific site.
  6. Keep adding the required elements for each page of the site you are creating.
  7. Consider adding a Blog page which is always a useful web page.
  8. And once you include all the products and are satisfied with the how everything needs to look, publish your website.

Want to share any of your personal experiences or have any queries? Let us know through the comment section below!

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