Why Choose The Auto-Interactive Router Than Auto Router?


With the advancement in technology, Auto Routers vastly improved with more features and benefits. Auto Routers are embedded with PCB design software and acts as a third party black box application. Auto Routers also allows you to easily design the rules based on the setup. It has different modes to target the specific areas of the design. Auto Routers have been used to produce the unaesthetic and disorganized routes. To make further design and board characteristics Normally, undesirable routing could decrease only based on these categories:

  • Meandering and long traces
  • Broken up bus routing
  • Easier to trace undesirable stubs and corners

PCB designers faced many numbers of routing problems for years to enhance the speed of the auto-router. To solve these issues, Auto-interactive is the best choice with ultimate features included. This lesser-known routing alternative saves your time without any kind of routing problems commonly seen in the auto routers. Auto Routers creates a lot of issues while routing the PCB and one of the obvious problems includes bus routing. Bus routing is uniform routing pattern based on the alike Nets. When there are 8 nets of the data bus (D0-D7), they are routed together. It preserves the signal characteristics of the data bus and matching the trace length as well as topologies. However, the auto routers would consider that each net present in the bus is individual routes Bus as the group. Auto router pushes other routes present in Bus to route each net. When the process is complete, Auto Router gets broken completely with uniformity of buses.

Why Choose Auto-Interactive Router System?

Auto-Interactive Router efficiently operates nets you have selected based on the design and it adheres net with a set of net class design rules. Based on different width, clearances, topologies, and layers set up, Auto-Interactive Router works perfectly with increasing the speed of the device greatly. It also results in better Bus routing procedure that cleans and precise patterns. The auto-router creates own directional decisions but auto-interactive routing would let the specific path based on the bus routing. With the increased process of Bus routing, auto routers could go wrong and it could also lead to the routed boards traced wander and long all overboard. When the process of the auto-router is complete, it could take the path to accomplish the goal. Auto routers are designed to run into an obstacle thus it could take the larger path leading to the wrong direction. Auto routed could trace the multiple board layers leading to travel over long distances for connecting the simple net. Auto-interactive routers routes selected nets from its starting point to end point. It also keeps routed traces much shorter without wandering within the confined path.

Undesirable Routing Artifacts:

The auto-interactive router has only reduced undesirable routing artefacts, stubs, jogs, corners and traces. It routes only selected nets into the single pass with the shortest path as possible. Auto-interactive router finishes the process much quicker and easier to select nets that need to be routed. Of course, it also prevents the undesirable trace routing artefacts from creating itself.


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