Change settings automatically on Android Phones using Llama

Llama is a location aware mobile app that uses mobile towers/masts to determine your current location and performs routine everyday tasks on your phone. This includes changing ringer/voice/music volume, toggling WIFI/Mobile Data, Start music player when Headset/Bluetooth is connected etc. Further, Llama also provides you with different sound profiles so that you can quickly switch between quiet, loud, silent and normal sound settings based on certain conditions. This comes handy for android phones which do not support profiles by default. Few companies like CyanogenMod do support profiles (for more information read the software section on our Zuk Z1 review) switching at OS level based on proximity of WIFI/Bluetooth devices etc.

You can teach Llama to perform day-to-day tasks automatically by performing the following actions –

Areas – create area names and assign important locations you visit regularly
Profiles –
create various sound profiles (loud/silent) for different needs.
Events –
create different actions (turn on WIFI/play a sound) which gets triggered based on certain scenarios (enter an area/specific time of day)

The following screenshots should help you get started:


The use case scenarios are plenty; to name a few –

1. Put your phone in a Quiet profile when you are at work
2. Switch to a Normal profile when you are at home during a specific period of the day
3. Switch to a Silent Profile when you are visiting a temple/hospital
4. Switch to a Quiet profile for a designated period like core sleeping hours
5. Switch to a Loud Profile when you are at a noisy location like Pub/Stadium
6. Trigger an alarm when you are nearing your destination while travelling
7. Start music player when Headset/Bluetooth is connected
8. Adjust screen brightness according to your location and time
9. Trigger a Silent Profile based on calender event, say an important meeting
10. Play a sound that notifies you to unplug your phone when battery level reaches 100%

Llama is fully customizable in every way for eg: you can set your family to ring even if your phone is set to silent. You can see Llama in action during event creation using the “test action” option like below.


Further, you can import/export your area, events and profiles to SD card so that you can avoid re-configuring the app when you switch between phones or when you need to configure similar settings for your friends/family.

Llama is a great app which I feel is a must have for every android user since it automates profiles switching to a great extent. Best of all it does it with less battery usage since it does not use data services unlike other apps which would drain the battery faster. This app is available free to download from the Google play store. I recommend you to try this app and let us know your thoughts.