Which Gaming Trends Will Change the Future of Gaming?

Gaming is becoming mainstream and it’s generating a lot of buzz. It’s not just that we like to spend more time playing games, gaming itself is becoming increasingly lucrative and competitive. This kind of rise in popularity is bound to mean one thing: changes in the industry. New gaming trends are popping up and they will change the future of gaming once more. What to expect?

Improvement and increase in augmented reality

Pokémon Go was certainly a huge phenomenon. To some, it was a much-needed sign that augmented reality might become an actual gaming trend. It is quite interesting that since it became a hit not many other titles have dropped. Therefore, predicting augmented reality as a big gaming trend of the future might seem a little strange – it has been predicted to hit big for years now.

However, it might be time for it. Since virtual reality has drawn criticism, it can be easier for augmented reality to capture our imagination. The developers are also there – the app shop is full of interesting titles that could become as big as catching Pokémon.

Better consoles

Console gaming is not done and dusted no matter what the PC gaming community thinks. The revelation by Xbox and Sony at this year’s E3 show that console gaming is just going to get better. Better consoles have not been on offer for users for decades – each past version generally just offering a cosmetic change. But now the big guns are out and consoles are starting to attract more power. Therefore, console gaming experience is going to improve and it’s about time.

Virtual reality becomes a group activity

Virtual reality is certainly not a new trend. While the trend is still waiting to catch on in a large quantity, an increasing number of households are buying into the world of headsets. However, the trend itself is having a bit of a change of heart. Instead of being just a single person activity, the developers are focusing more on making VR more multiplayer friendly. This essentially means that developers are looking for ways to ensure you get to play the games with friends in the same physical space rather than standing in an empty room on your own.

Collaborative gaming goes physical

This quest for more collaboration is a big trend in the gaming industry in general. Although multiplayer games have always been a big thing and with the rise of e-sports is going to be even bigger, the contemporary trend points towards a more physical experience. With virtual and augmented reality, gaming has moved away from just sitting at your desk to a physical activity. It’s, therefore, not a huge surprise to find out that these physical games are looking to incorporate collaboration.

In the future, you might need to put your bodies on the line in order to win a game with friends. You could even be able to provide physical feelings and emotions to other people through gaming. The possibilities are endless, although the trend needs some careful consideration in terms of accessibility – will everyone be able to take part in a highly physical gameplay?

The rise of specialized gaming stores

Gamers are a smart bunch of people. They know where and when to shop for their games. However, the selection is so huge that specialization in the gaming world is bound to happen in terms of stores. If you look at Steam, nearly 40% of the games in the platform never get played. Therefore, new ways of shopping for games will appear, focusing on things such as Indie gaming.

For the gamer, this can mean savings. Tighter competition of the games and specialized shopping platforms can bring down the price or offer special gaming treats, such as borrowing or playing unlimited games for a subscription fee. Frugaa.com offers great discount on gaming accessories and equipment from specialized gaming stores which will help you to save further.

Emotional engineering

Finally, the future games are going to be much more about the experience rather than just something to do. Increasing amount of effort is going into things such as emotional engineering – soliciting a specific response from the player. The most recent example is Hellblade that was made with the specific purpose of showing what living with mental illness can be like. These kind of educational games are going to increase in the future.

But emotional engineering isn’t always just about educational value or discussion of difficult topics. It can also take place in the realm of fun – games are made to replicate the real life or going out with friends and so on.

As the above shows, the gaming industry is going to witness a lot of exciting trends in the coming years. These gaming trends are going to change the future of gaming once more – for better or worse? You decide.

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