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Technologies That Help Improve Security Management


The more data gets put online and the more activities that happen on the Internet – the bigger security risks we face. This does not only apply for sensitive business information but also personal details like address, bank details etc. If you are looking for ways to improve your security management, this is the right article for you. There are certain technologies out there that can help secure your business and also enable employees and customers to access the information necessary to drive greater business success. Here are three technologies that help improve security management.


Firstly, open source intelligence (OSINT) is a tool for security.

OSINT, by definition, refers to free and unclassified information. It is essentially all publicly available information gathered from all available outlets. For example, information gathered from radio, television, newspapers, commercial databases and electronic mail networks is all considered open source intelligence. Over time, the world of open source data has become the largest accessible database. OSINT can help with security, especially when businesses know what signals they are looking for and what would represent different levels of threat. Once the signals are understood, the gathering and analysis for successful for OSINT can be created to its most effective and efficient stent.

Secondly, Drainware is software that helps identify threats to business information

Corporate espionage and threats to business information keep all modern day businesses on their toes. Sensitive company information, such as employee personal files and bank account numbers, is always worth the effort to make sure it is secured to the best of any organization’s ability. Drainware enables users to track which information is contained and where. Drainware also monitors applications or devices that could lead to a security breach and can ensure that everyone within the organization is on the same page when it comes to whether security and guidelines are understood and adhered to.

Thirdly, Bluebox is an application that prevents mobile applications from being infiltrated.

The more devices and applications that have access to one another, the greater the opening for a weak point there is. This is what Bluebox solves. With Bluebox, customer information is safe no matter where services are accessed and when remote employees need to access sensitive company information, it is secure. Instead of limiting employees and customers in what they can access and where, Bluebox improves security and also enables people to access what they need to in order to be the most successful in their days. With the goal for self-protecting apps, protecting and monitoring sensitive information instead of restricting access to it makes for smoother business practices.

These three technologies encourage businesses to stay on top of what would signal a threat to and the tools to prevent threats. Avoiding compromised information does not mean needing to limit access to information, but rather doing all possible to ensure its security.Technology will not protect us all from all security risks, but it at least helps. Understanding what risks your company has and what options there are to take preventative measures is an important move in today’s technology age.

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