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When hunting for free PowerPoint templates, many people don’t seem to realize that many free template providers don’t create slide decks which can be used for professional presentations. This is because many designs are too generic, with badly matched colors that can cause legibility issues. This is why one should opt for a presentation template’ provider which can be trusted to deliver templates that are perfect for professional use.


While there are some veteran PowerPoint template providers like, which has a gold chest of thousands of free PowerPoint templates, another name worth mentioning is While the former provides templates for all kinds of presentation topics, SlideHunter is a website strictly geared towards the provision of templates best suited for professional, especially business presentations and provided for free download.

If you have ever searched and downloaded free PowerPoint templates, the chances are you got some of them from FPPT, this is why we will focus our current review on SlideHunter, which can be considered a diamond in the rough.


Free PowerPoint Templates with Features of Premium Templates

Many premium PPT providers can charge a fortune in the form of monthly or yearly subscriptions. The biggest attraction of premium templates is the editability factor. For example, a templates’ provider might provide editable objects within slides, which might include everything from the bars and lines of a diagram to the design elements in the background. Interestingly, provides a similar level of editability for many of its templates. You can recolor, reorganise and even redesign templates using PowerPoint Ribbon menu options.


Create Complex Diagrams by Editing Fully Editable Sample Diagrams

Drawing business diagrams yourself and making them look good can be a nightmare. Even readymade templates can be a nuisance since they usually offer little or no editability for diagram elements. Annoyingly enough, many diagrams are static images usually embedded within slides. This is where SlideHunter’s templates stand out. The fishbone diagram template shown below comes with a fully editable fishbone diagram, which you can even reorganise using drag and drop or change the colors of diagram elements.


The J-Curve diagram is another splendid example of how making the most complex business diagrams can become easy using free PowerPoint templates from SlideHunter. As you can see from the image below, you can use drag and drop to rearrange the diagram, as well as pick individual elements to edit them.


More Than 4000 Free PowerPoint Templates

SlideHunter is not just an average PowerPoint templates’ provider, since it offers more than 4000 free PowerPoint templates, including slide decks for the most complex business diagrams. Moreover, you can also download templates related to travel, education, law, marketing, social media and a range of other topics.


There are various categories and tags at SlideHunter which can be used for finding templates or you can simply use the search bar to look for templates by keyword. Moreover, SlideHunter also has a blog which periodically provides presentation tips and reviews of other third-party templates. So if you’re looking for professionally designed free PowerPoint templates which can help you make awesome presentations in no time, then check out

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