Rugged Toughbook models from Panasonic

In a time where most companies are concentrating on highly popular ideas which can procure as much gain as possible; it’s reassuring to find a company like Panasonic still focused on the core group of customers it planned to serve from the start. The company’s line of rugged laptops the Toughbook has been considered a well known brand in rugged computing for nearly 20 years now; with no other computer coming close to its reputation in ruggedness.

Besides rugged computers; the Panasonic Toughbook range also includes notebooks, convertible laptops and handheld rugged tablets. These computers are most used in challenging and harsh environments; encompassing a wide range of industries like mines, airlines, hospitals, warehouses, ports, emergency units and so on. Toughbooks work towards keeping field staff and mobile workers in these industries connected; with access to all the data they may need anytime and anywhere.


Fully Rugged Toughbook models

While the Toughbook models come in fully rugged, semi-rugged and business rugged models; the fully rugged Toughbook models meet the demands of the most challenging working environments. These computers are dust, water, vibration and drop proof as per their varied specifications. They are manufactured as laptops as well as tablets and are designed to work well in both extremely low and high temperatures. Panasonic Toughbook fully ruggedized models are able to meet almost all challenges including- business, utility and military service.

Being resistant to hostile and demanding environments they offer daylight visible screens, excellent graphics and long battery life; along with delivering information in real time to mobile workers; wherever they may be; hence increasing efficiency and productivity. Here is a brief look at few of the rugged Toughbook models.

Toughbook- 31

This rugged laptop is capable of working perfectly well in adverse conditions like bad weather, water, wet conditions, underground or where space restrictions would usually hamper productivity; hence ensuring that mobile workers can perform their best at all times. It can be used for a whole day without charging with an 18 hours battery life with user replaceable battery, and extendable to 27 hours with an optional second battery installed. Meeting military standards (MIL-STD-810) it also comes with the standard 3 year warranty. The Toughbook being vibration and shock resistant (MIL-STD 810G) as well as water and dust resistant (IP65, MIL-STD 810G) can be used in various harsh and challenging environments. One will find it to have high flexibility and connectivity due to the new optional configurations such as second LAN, camera, 4G (LTE, 100MBit/s DL) or GPS. It uses Intel® Core™ i5 5300U vPro™ Processor and runs on Windows 8.1 Pro Update and has great visibility for those working outdoors in sunlight.

Toughbook -20

The notebook offers the best of both worlds for mobile workers as it can be used in six different modes to suit very business need. Being the first fully rugged detachable notebook which can easily become a 10.1″ tablet; this lightweight laptop helps deliver a new benchmark of unrivalled flexibility in mobile business computing. It too can be used for a long period of time with optional bridge battery which allows hot swap battery replacement without disruption. The gloved multi touch display which is sunlight-viewable, purpose-built Vehicle Mount and Desktop Port Replicator; make this laptop perfect for rugged outdoor environments. Besides a 3 year standard warranty; it is 120cm drop resistant and water and dust resistant (IP65). The Toughbook uses Intel® Core™ m5-6Y57 vPro™ processor technology and runs on Windows 10 Pro.

Toughbook -19

Featuring a 10.1″ LCD capable of up to 6000 nit in direct sunlight, this market-leading, rotating screen, convertible notebook, sets the benchmark in ruggedness. The Toughbook 19 can stand up to the most rigorous environments being vibration and shock resistant (MIL-STD 810G) as well as water and dust resistant (IP65, MIL-STD 810G). Other features include a dual touchscreen and digitizer LCD that can work with any type of glove, GPS receiver, 4G LTE multi carrier mobile broadband, a long battery life of up to 10 hours and the 3 year standard warranty. The Toughbook uses Intel® Core™ i5 3610ME vPro™ Processor and runs on Windows 8.1 Pro.




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