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IBM Introduces Cloud Tools and Collaborative Coding for Swift

Last week IBM announced new cloud tools for Swift and Watson designed for mobile development and cognitive apps at IBM DeveloperConnect. The event had over 10,000 developers across India, who attended in person or virtually via Lifestream. IBM has debuted two new capabilities to advance Swift on IBM Cloud.

One of the highlights from the event was the 12 year old, Tanmay Bakshi who was delivering an address for the developers. He is the youngest IBM Watson programmer in the world. Read his interview where he spoke about his journey so far.

IBM introduced the beta version of IBM Cloud Tools for Swift to simplify the management and deployment of server-side assets in an environment complementary to Xcode. IBM Cloud Tools for Swift is a free app that provides a single, visual interface for developers to assemble, manage, deploy and monitor apps.

Developers can also use Swift on LinuxONE™, IBM’s Linux-only enterprise system, to create applications that connect into the hybrid cloud. By running Swift on LinuxONE, developers can combine the programming language they know with the system’s speed, security and scale.

To provide an easy entry point into cognitive and help developers infuse Watson capabilities into their apps more seamlessly, IBM has launched the Watson Developer Cloud Application Starter Kits, which provides code examples based on common use cases. Developers can leverage Business Intelligence (combining AlchemyLanguage, AlchemyData News and Tone Analyzer) to analyze news and social media, the Conversational Agent (combining Dialog and Natural Language Classifier) to guide users through a series of tasks in natural language rather than long form, and Audio Analysis (combining Speech to Text and Concept Insights) to extract concepts from a stream of audio and make recommendations based on those concepts.


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