Microsoft brings in more tools to the community, joins Eclipse Foundation.

Microsoft is taking its relationship with the Eclipse community to the next level by joining the Eclipse Foundation as a Solutions Member. With joining the Eclipse Foundation, Microsoft will collaborate more closely with the Eclipse community, deliver set of tools and services for all development teams, and of-course continuously improve our cloud services, SDKs and tools.

Earlier this week, Microsoft also announced the Private Preview of the Microsoft SQL Server on Linux. This was indeed a great step towards making the industry-leading data management and business analytics platform available for any data, to run any application, anywhere.

Microsoft delivers a number of Eclipse-based tools today. The Azure Toolkit for Eclipse and Java SDK for Azure enables Eclipse users to build cloud applications. And with the free Team Explorer Everywhere plugin, developers have access to the full suite of source control, team services, and DevOps capabilities of Visual Studio Team Services from within their IDE. These offerings will continue to be maintained and shared through the Eclipse Marketplace.

With Visual Studio Team Services, Azure, and Codenvy, software development teams can collaborate more easily than ever before. The Azure VM Marketplace now includes a virtual machine preconfigured with Codenvy, so developers can instantly provision private Codenvy workspaces on Azure.

Microsoft is also planning to announce more tools and services specifically for Java and Eclipse developers that provide powerful development solutions and services that span platforms.

  • Open sourcing the Team Explorer Everywhere Plugin for Eclipse on GitHub today, so it can develop it together with the Eclipse community.
  • Azure IoT Suite support in Kura. Microsoft will contribute an Azure IoT Hub Connector to Kura that will allow to easily connect gateways running Kura to Azure IoT Suite.
  • Azure Java WebApp support in the Azure Toolkit for Eclipse, which makes it easy to take a Java web app and have it running in Azure within seconds
  • A refreshed and updated Azure Java Dev Center

With the Java Tools Challenge, Microsoft are inviting Java developers to build apps and extensions for VSTS.

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