Xiaomi Bluetooth Speakers Review: Your Portable Party Machine

Few months ago, when I visited Shenzhen, one of the items I really wanted to buy was the Xiaomi Bluetooth speakers. My reasons were simple – personal entertainment, and a perfect gifting material for family. Earlier this week, Xiaomi announced the launch of these bluetooth speakers in India. They are priced at INR 1,999 and will be available around Holi, third week of March. It will come in gold, pink and blue colour options. Hopefully, this review of mine will help you decide!

The speakers do come with a small pouch in the box.


The speakers have a full aluminium body design which is very minimalistic, handy and weighs about 270 grams. It pack a 1500mAh battery, which offers around 8 hours of music playback. The build quality of these speakers are top-notch and quite dust free as well. The buttons does give a good feel. The volume buttons also double up as a track changer. Pairing the speaker to any of the device is simple. You just have to long-press the bluetooth button to reset, and then basically pair it with your device. I use these speakers with my iPhone, Android and even my MacBook.


Like I mentioned earlier, when I picked my speakers, I thought it would be more of a personal entertainment than a living room one. However, I was taken to a surprise. The speaker was loud and covers even a mid-size room; the tonal quality is neat as well. The speakers offers a large 90dB (A) @0.5m sound in this compact body. On higher volumes, though, you can feel the vibrations on the table, the sound is pretty less distorted. I choose to keep the speakers on a cushion or bed than a table; can’t stand the sound of those vibrations. I wish, if there was a soft dock which would take these.

With built in mic, you can even take calls via the speakers. Initially, I wasn’t too excited about it; but then, when I actually took a call through it, it was pretty awesome. Almost an extension of your loud speaker mode in a good sense. Further, If you don’t fancy Bluetooth music playback, you have an Aux-in input too.

battery-widgetThe colour on the LED around the play/pause button changes as the battery level goes down. On iOS, I love this widget which shows me the exact battery levels of the speaker.

The micro-SD is a good addition. Unfortunately, the international version of the speaker does not have a microSD card slot; its only available in China. You can throw in some of your fav music onto the card and then you are good to go without bluetooth. However, there isn’t an app or UI on the speakers to show you the contents of the card, so shifting tracks have to be done manually, one-by-one which can be painful at times. So highly recommend you to just load your most favourite tracks to the micro-SD card.


Summing up, its a great addition if you love music; especially on the go. These speakers from Xiaomi sound really good and is totally worth the money you pay for it. Suggesting a portable speaker around INR 5000 was always a tough one with good range of speakers from JBL, Sony, Logitech and few others. While some offered good sound quality, they didn’t look all that impressive. However, at INR 1999, its a no brainer to recommend these speakers from Xiaomi. They look excellent and work pretty awesome too.

Now that, I have two speakers, I would really love to see an option where I can connect these two and play music in stereo mode. I mean, isolating the Left and right audio streams. That will be super impressive!

Thanks for reading. Do let me know, if you decide to buy one.

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