Zagg Pocket Keyboard Review: A Nifty Smartphone Accessory

Smartphones have really transformed over the years. While there are lots of new hardware which are included every year, something that went missing is the physical keyboard which many of the business phones had. While its faster to use the onscreen keyboard, few of us still prefer a physical keyboard. Especially, the ones who love to work or write long.

Meet this portable keyboard from Zagg, which is simple and compact; and works great with any smartphone or tablets.

The keyboard is designed well. When folded, it is compact and is around 9” tall. Its thin and light. You could easily slip it into your bag. Could it fit in your pocket? Well, that’s subjective!

Zagg Pocket Keyboard

The Keyboard connects to your smartphones/tablets using Bluetooth. Pairing it is very simple and quick. It worked perfectly with different gadgets I tried – iPad, iPhone and various other Android Phones.

This keyboard promises a great battery life of a couple of years between charges. It goes into standby mode when its not being used to conserve battery life. There is no power button on the keyboard; The magnets on the device keeps the Pocket folded and help maintain battery life by automatically turning it off when closed. There is a 2 to 3 second lag when the keyboard wakes up from standby mode and it automatically shuts off when closed. You can recharge by connecting a micro USB cable to the keyboard.

The Zagg keyboard has built-in holders to hold up the device to give a more upright position and a computer feel to the user. This is also slightly a problem, as you get only a fixed angle.

Zagg Pocket Keyboard Review

The chicklet keyboard feels great to use. It’s not a touchpad but an actual keyboard in true sense, with true key presses. Although, the size looks smaller than a standard keyboard, it’s not cramped. The Pocket maintains over 85% the typing space of a desktop keyboard. I was still able to type with great accuracy and quick. The device has a neatly laid out keys. Pleasantly surprised at the tactile feedback. The key travel is very short; ideal for those with a light touch when typing.

The hardware quality could’ve been slightly better. It does feel plastic though. The keyboard has been designed to be used only on a flat surface and will not work that great on your lap or any other unstable surface.

Zagg Pocket Keyboard Layout

After using the ZAGG Pocket Keyboard for a couple of weeks now, I’ve really started to enjoy it. I wrote this entire review using this keyboard paired with my iPhone. I even used this on my seat tray in the flight and it fitted in perfect regardless of the space between.

While there are few areas of improvements, I would still recommend this. If you are a writer,  It’s a great accessory for your phone. Its easy to use and most importantly, portable while you travel. It will take sometime to get used to; but once you do, you will start to enjoy typing on this.

The Zagg Pocket Keyboard works on both iOS and Android devices and is available on here.