C# Security Assessment and Testing

As the dependence on computers, the internet and software increases, so does the rate of cybercrimes. The total number of malware infections was 12.4 million in 2009, which increased to 816.2 million in 2019. That calls for one thing; extensive security testing and assessment of any and all pieces of software produced and deployed across the globe. 

C# is not only just a popular language for web and application development but also the go-to language for a lot of developers when it comes to portable advancement. Things like Strategy Pattern and Mediator Pattern in C# are keeping this language relevant even in 2021. That means the security of this language is of paramount importance. 

All Vulnerabilities are Liabilities

It is estimated that 90% of all cyberattacks exploit a vulnerability in the code of an application to compromise its security. To secure an application and its data, it is crucial to eliminate all such bugs and weaknesses. 

How to Secure C# Applications?

The most important thing about application security that all programmers need to understand is that security is not something to be thought of after the application has been developed. It needs to be a part of the development process from the very beginning. 

There are three main types of application security assessment and testing that can ensure that the code has no vulnerabilities that can be exploited to compromise the application’s security.


Static application security testing, or SAST, is the most primitive form of security testing. It incorporates testing and looking for vulnerabilities in a code at the earlier stages of the software development lifecycle. It makes sure that the code complies with the established security guidelines and has no known vulnerability even before it is executed for the first time. 


Dynamic Application Security Testing, or DAST, is employed to find weaknesses and security vulnerabilities in a running application. It accomplishes that by purposefully subjecting the application to fault injection. Typically, malicious data is fed to the application to discover common security vulnerabilities like cross-site scripting and SQL injection. 

DAST also allows developers to look for runtime errors in a code that cannot be analyzed on a static code. These include authentication, server configuration and other issues that surface only when a user logs in.

SAST and DAST Work Together 

SAST and DAST are primarily used in tandem. The reason being, none of the two is capable of comprehensive security testing on its own. SAST is incapable of identifying runtime errors and vulnerabilities, and DAST cannot flag errors in the lines of the code. 

SAST is extremely useful in pinpointing the errors in the code, and it can narrow the problem down to the exact line of code. For example, if a weak random number generation parameter is used, SAST can accurately diagnose it. However, when it comes to data flow flaws, SAST is not very efficient.  

SAST is also notorious for a high frequency of false positives and false negatives, and only DAST can be used to cross-check and determine which of the errors reported are correct.

Limitations of SAST and DAST 

SAST and DAST are good for establishing a baseline for securing code, but they cannot be relied upon for the complete security of a web-based application. They lack what it takes to secure the latest web and mobile applications. 

For example, the libraries and frameworks found in modern apps give SAST a hard time looking for vulnerabilities. That is mainly due to the reason that static testing tools are only able to scan the application code they can follow. 

Modern libraries can cause these tools to choke and produce “lost sink” and “lost source” messages. 

The solution? Interactive Application Security Testing or IAST. Before having a look at IAST, it’s essential to know how the testing is carried out.

Open Source Vulnerability Scanners are the Way to Go

All that security testing is not done manually. There are tools for that. Like any other software, application security testing tools are both open-source and closed source. 

Open source vulnerability scanning tools are a better option for securing C# apps. This is because any security testing tool is only as good as the database behind it. The databases of open source tools are updated by a lot of sources and with a high frequency. That translates to better security scanning and more reliable results, especially when securing an application for the latest threats.


IAST is formulated to mitigate and overcome the shortcomings of SAST and DAST. It takes the fundamental elements of both and adapts them for the modern development environment.

The way IAST works is by placing an agent within the source code of the application. The agent can then perform analysis on the application anywhere and anytime during the software development lifecycle.

As an IAST agent works inside the app, its analysis can be applied to the entire app. That means its runtime data flow information, HTTP requests and responses, configuration information, frameworks and other components, libraries, and even backend connection information.

As IAST has access to all those software components, it can cover more of the app’s code, give accurate results, and ensure the implementation of a broader range of security parameters than SAST or DAST.


The most important part of developing any application is making it secure. Application security needs to be a part of the software development lifecycle from the very start. The oldest approach to application security testing is Static Application Security Testing or SAST, with the newer ones being dynamic and interactive application security testing. All kinds of application security testing are carried out by application vulnerability scanner tools which are available as open-source or closed source. Open-source options are better as they have a broader database and are more efficient and effective in finding vulnerabilities in the code. 


6 Most Common (And Popular) APIs People Install on Their Websites

APIs – Application Programming Interfaces – are vital tools to modern web and web app developers. APIs make life easier for these developers, as well as those who use the websites or applications. 

An API works in a complex manner using a very straightforward concept. It simply acts as the gateway between two applications, where one of the applications requests a service from the other and receives it without actually having to set up that specific application in its own domain. You can think of it like UBER – it is a taxi service but does not own any taxi of its own. Instead, it contacts those who own cars and uses them to run their ride-sharing service.

Having established all that, it is needless to say that APIs are integral to any modern website or web app. However, with so many types and variations of APIs, which ones should you, as a developer or businessman, opt for while making your website? To help you out, here are 6 of the most widely used types of APIs that you can choose from.

#1 Payment Gateway

A payment gateway is a must-have API setup if you are running an e-commerce or online store. Usually, setting up a payment system of your own requires a lot of work. From ensuring security to keeping track of transactions, there is a lot to do. So by using a payment gateway or API, you can ditch all those complex steps, and just get on with it.

The payment gateway will come pre-packaged with the necessary tools and security details. Most gateways cover cards like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express, and are compatible with almost all US and global locations. Modern authentication systems make the transactions even more secured. Hence, you will have nothing to worry about once you have fully integrated the payment gateway.

#2 Weather API

Weather updates are some of the most popular APIs on modern websites. Everyone likes a quick weather update, and getting it from a news site or a shopping website is quite convenient. 

While getting a weather API, you would want something that fetches real-time data from weather radars and provides regular updates. For that, you can check out the free weather API by Tomorrow at Apart from real-time updates, the platform also uses something called weather intelligence reporting, which provides users with different suggestions and advice based on the latest weather developments.

#3 Financial API

Financial APIs are common on news portals. They are basically a couple of long bars that extend the entire width of the website or app and display financial information like currency exchange rates or stock updates. Yahoo! Finance is a widely used financial API. It is reliable, accurate, and you can expect real-time updates.

#4 Maps

A map API is very helpful in case you are running a store, restaurant, hotel, or any other business where your customers need to come to you. Google Maps is undoubtedly the best option available for this. It is smart, agile, and has a lot of features that you and your customer can make good use of.

#5 Covid Updates

People like staying updated on the latest COVID-19 situation around the world, or at least their country or locality. For that, they either have to go to their local health and safety services website, or Google it. 

So you can do them a favor and have an API set up on your website that displays such updates. This will definitely grab the attention of your visitors, even if they did not have any intention to know about the latest COVID updates. After all, it is vital that they protect themselves as well as others.

#6 Calendar API

A Calendar API is a must if you are running a dashboard for your employees or maybe students. Using Google Calendar will allow them to sign in to their Google accounts, and then sync with the calendar on your website. That way, in case there is any news or update, or you have scheduled an event, they will be instantly notified via the Google Calendar app.

These 6 are some of the most intriguing types of APIs that you can find right now. And while there are others too, with many coming out every single day, these 6 will be more than enough for you to choose from for your website, depending on what the site or web app is about.


All You Need to Know About Hacking Attempts & Prevention

With the advent of the World Wide Web, a lot of industries have seen inevitable growth, but it also unveiled the downsides of the connected ecosystem. Some of these include the spam messages that started filling up the email accounts and the malware attacks that posed threats to many businesses. Unauthorized access of hackers to sensitive information is always on the top of the security threat’s list.

What Are Computer Hackers?

Computer hackers are people who follow illegal practices to gain access to internet-connected devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, smartphones, IoT, and more. The intent behind gaining unauthorized access is to steal, delete, or modify original information. 

Malicious users do this by installing malware which the device user might not even detect. Before you get to know about the malware software, the hackers get access to the sensitive information and fetch it away. 

What Is Malware?

Malware is malicious software designed to damage information or cause other problems to the computer. Examples of malware include spyware, Trojans, worms, ransomware, viruses, and adware. The malware runs secretly on a computer system and reports back to a user operating remotely. 

How to Prevent Hacking Attempts?

Clear Browsing history

When you visit a website, your browser stores information such as its location, downloads details, files used to run an application, etc. That’s why you need to clear the browsing history that includes a history of web pages, recent searches, icons, websites that asked for notification.

Users often ask how to clear cookies on imac or Windows computers; the process is quite simple, though. In the Safari browser, click History, select Clear History, and finally click the pop-up menu. You can select how far you want to clear the browsing history. 

In Chrome, click the three-dotted icon available on the far-right side of the screen. Select History, then click History and tap on Clear browsing data. In the drop-down menu that appears, select the items that you want to delete. 

Clearing the browsing history on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile phones will give the hackers a little access to your browsing data in case they break into the device. 

Use a Firewall

macOS and Windows computers have firewall protection. A firewall is a program designed to draw a safety guard between the information stored on the computer and the outer world. On detecting any intrusion attempts, the firewalls alert you and prevent your system from any kind of unauthorized access. 

So every time you start to browse the web, make sure that the firewall is enabled. You can also purchase hardware firewalls that have integrated firewall protection for networks.  

Install Antivirus Software

Antivirus applications are essential to keep security threats at bay and protect data and computers from turning inaccessible. It is software that is used to detect, prevent, scan, and delete malicious software or viruses from the computer. So, one of the most prevalent ways to safeguard information is installing antivirus applications from a trusted source. 

Due to a lot of activities conducted online, new threats are emerging every single day. Antivirus applications play a key role in protecting your system against threats by detecting and nosediving real-time hacking attempts. 

Once you download an antivirus application, make sure to run it regularly to ensure complete security. Run or schedule regular scans to clean your computer and other digital devices automatically in a few days’ duration. 

Use Complex Passwords

One of the most effective ways to prevent hacking attempts even before they appear is using complex passwords for both online and offline accounts. The more difficult your passwords are, the harder it is for hackers to break into your system. 

While setting up passwords for your accounts, keep them at least eight characters long. Use a combination of an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, numeric, and special characters. It will be harder for hackers to detect complex passwords; however, simple and shorter passwords are easier to figure out. Best Practices here

Do not use passwords that are related to your username and are easily recognizable. If you have too many accounts, you can use a password manager application for managing the details securely in one place. 

Update Operating System & Software

Whatever operating system you are using – macOS or Windows, you must be receiving regular updates. The updates incorporate security patches and bug fixes that keep your system safe from security threats. 

Similar to the operating system, you must be receiving updates for all the applications installed on your computer. You must always install these updates whenever they are available to prevent malicious users from accessing and exploiting any sensitive information. 

If you are using a Mac, regularly visit the Software Update section to Check if any updates are available. In Windows, you should check the Updates section from the Software Center in Microsoft System Center. 


What is Microsoft OneDrive?

Microsoft OneDrive is the cloud storage platform offered by Microsoft to provide a safe and secure storage facility for all your files in a single place. This service enables you to access files in OneDrive remotely from anywhere in the world. 

The OneDrive service can be considered to be an online version of your external drive. The only difference is that files stored here are available across the internet. With Microsoft OneDrive, users also get some extra features such as the flexibility to operate across multiple platforms and devices. 

With OneDrive, content sharing across different devices becomes child’s play. So, whether it’s convenience, security, privacy, or data integrity, features that Microsoft OneDrive offers are industry-leading.

This cloud storage functions similarly to the common external drive, with the only difference being its availability through the internet and the presence of some additional features. 

For example, since OneDrive lets you work from multiple devices and platforms, it gives you the unique functionality of creating a file on one device and resuming your work after you have left off on another device like a laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or even a smartphone. 

Thus, it saves you the trouble of having to transfer content to a USB Drive or emailing it to yourself. This omission of the extra steps makes OneDrive convenient and hassle-free. 

Additionally, OneDrive ensures smooth sharing of the content with other people/devices. Hence, it can also be used for real-time collaborative work by deploying the Microsoft 365 integration feature. 

OneDrive is the cloud storage platform where you can store all your files securely in one place. This is great for backing up your important data. You can access these files from virtually anywhere in the world. If you choose to use a Windows 10 enabled device, the OneDrive experience gets more awesome for you as you get to access even more features. 

If you have a Microsoft account on your computer, you have the option to synchronize and align your system preferences and settings across your devices. Files On-Demand, which is another noteworthy feature lets you access all your files without even downloading them. 

It achieves this by locally storing your files. As the original data is stored in the cloud, you have the capability of using it as a mechanism for data recovery in case your computer/device gets lost or damaged.

Talking about storage capacity, OneDrive offers, as of September 2021, 5 GB of free storage for new users. If a user wants additional storage, they have to pay for it. 

Let us discuss some of the other features of OneDrive:


In the beginning, OneDrive didn’t include the functionality of storing previous versions of files, unless they were in Microsoft Office formats. However, this changed in July 2017. Microsoft OneDrive announced the introduction of this feature of providing version history support for older versions of files for up to 30 days.

Recycle bin

OneDrive has a “recycle bin” feature that stores all the deleted files of the user. The best part is this recycle bin memory is not counted as part of your storage allocation. If you accidentally delete some files, these deleted files can be easily recovered.

Facility to download as ZIP files

OneDrive has a special feature where you can download complete folders as a single compressed file. There is a limit of 15 GB for single use. While the total ZIP file size limit is 20 GB, up to 10,000 files can be included in one ZIP file.

Files On-Demand            

This feature is only available to Windows 10 users. Under this unique feature, OneDrive utilizes Files On-Demand, wherein files synchronized with OneDrive are visible in the file listings without needing any disk space. When the user needs to access the content on file, the file gets downloaded in the background.


OneDrive lets users integrate their Microsoft Office documents (Excel, Powerpoint and Word) into web pages. With these embedded documents, anyone visiting the web pages can interact with the documents, and engage in activities like browsing an embedded PowerPoint slideshow or performing calculations in an embedded Excel spreadsheet. 

Additionally, Microsoft has released a set of API’s for OneDrive to enable developers to develop client apps and web services taking advantage of OneDrive’s cloud storage. This enables users of these apps to browse, upload, view, or edit files stored on OneDrive. 

A software development kit (SDK) is available for .NET Framework, Python, iOS, Android, and with a limited set of APIs for web apps and Windows.

Privacy concerns

Microsoft has the right to monitor data stored on OneDrive. Data stored on OneDrive is subject to monitoring by Microsoft, and any content If any data is found to be in violation of Microsoft’s Code of Conduct may be removed, and the concerned account may even be permanently banned. This has created privacy concerns regarding data stored on OneDrive.

OneDrive for Business

There is also another version of OneDrive introduced for business enterprises. This service is called OneDrive for Business. Though unrelated to OneDrive for personal storage, OneDrive for Business is similar to cloud storage for business users. 

This service is a replacement for the SharePoint workspace used earlier. The physical medium where the information gets stored can alternatively be hosted on-premises or purchased as a Microsoft service subscription.

So be it data safety and privacy, or ease of use, few cloud storage platforms come close to beating Microsoft OneDrive. Hence, users can, without a doubt, start using Microsoft OneDrive to fulfill all their cloud storage needs. Where else you can find so many features in a cloud storage platform? 


What makes MOBA games so popular?

Why are MOBAs so appealing to people that one of the biggest esports tournaments of the world with the biggest prize pool is from a game of this genre?

The answer is sort of simple yet also a bit complicated at the same time. To understand the popularity of MOBAs, we might need to dig a bit deeper into the history of MOBAs. We all know the first famous MOBA that the gaming community fell absolutely in love with was the modded map DOTA(Defense of the Ancients) for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos and Frozen Throne.

The Concept

Everyone and their grandma was playing DOTA when it first started getting popular. Why was this one modded map so popular? To put it simply, the concept was absolute genius. A 5v5 match where you take control of a hero with spells and abilities that allow you to advance to the enemy base where you have to destroy their ancients while simultaneously defending yours.

The game allowed a wide variety of playstyle due to the large number of heroes available to choose from. With the map remaining the same, the way you play with your heroes, and the way a team is built, every match has something new to offer.

Easy on the Budget

Although MOBA games have significantly improved on graphics since the first DOTA era, the game still allows players to play it on low-tier machines with lesser graphics and character animations. 

MOBAs are designed so that a player from any background can have easy access to the game and compete with the rest of the world. 


Since MOBA games are based on 5v5 gameplay, the games are a lot more fun to play and watch. If a team is composed of carefully chosen heroes that complement and support their fellow teammates, the genre is one of the best to watch. 


One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of MOBAs is the fact that they are Free-to-Play. Although the concept of Free-to-Play games was introduced a lot before the MOBA genre reached its peak, it can be said that DOTA 2 was the first one to popularize the phrase, and it also can be said that they did it right.

MOBAs only ask for money in the case of cosmetic upgrades, which have absolutely nothing to do with enhancing your gameplay, and in cases of selling battle passes to create the prize pools for their worldwide tournaments.

If you are a MOBA fan and take your gaming seriously, is the marketplace for you. offers accounts and items for MOBAs like Dota 2 and League of Legends. For some of the best offers in high-ranked accounts and items that can help you show off your skills even better, head on over to and make each game count. 


7 Quick Tips to Protect Your Online Privacy from Abusers

Online abuse is rising steadily, especially against vulnerable groups such as women and children. Disturbingly, cyberstalking tools are also becoming more popular amongst abusers, as more women and children spend time indoors and online during the pandemic. Husbands, ex-partners, stalkers, and predators are all using such software to spy on women

What is spyware? 

Spyware is a type of malicious software (also known as malware) that allows a threat actor to spy on their target. You may not know that your computer or mobile device has spyware because the malware runs quietly, often disguised as another program. Abusers either trick their targets into accepting spyware or secretly install it themselves. 

The malware can allow an abuser to monitor your physical movements, watch you through your webcam or camera phone, take screenshots, or read your emails, text messages, and social media messages. The brand of spyware that abusers use to target women and children is called stalkerware. 

How do I protect my online privacy from abusers? 

Abusers are using increasingly sophisticated tools to invade your privacy. Thankfully, you can stay safe by using the right cybersecurity software and modifying your practices. Here are some quick tips that can help you:

1. Antimalware Software

You probably have some kind of antivirus software on your system. But what you need is antimalware software that can defend you against all types of malicious software. For example, not only does the anti-malware software by Malwarebytes stop computer viruses and worms, but it also shields you against privacy-invading software like adware, spyware, stalkerware, keyloggers, and Trojans. 

2. Pay Attention to Symptoms of Spyware

Does a potential abuser in your life know more about you or your friends than they should? Did this person recently send you a message with an attachment, ask you to download something, or had access to your computer or device? Perhaps they gave you a device or software as a gift? To be safe, use a spyware removal and scanning tool to look for privacy breaching threats.

Additionally, check the apps on your computer and devices. Remove any programs that you don’t need or ask for unnecessary permissions. For example, a painting app shouldn’t need access to your camera, microphone, or GPS. 

3. Use Social Media Privacy Tools

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, you must adjust your security settings with the following steps:

  • Turn off location monitoring services.
  • Limit all future sensitive posts to trusted friends.
  • Limit all past posts to trusted friends.
  • Limit pictures and videos to trusted friends.
  • Change the visibility of your friends’ list to private. 

4. Click Carefully 

Malware that invades privacy usually tricks you into installing it. Don’t automatically open emails, text messages, and social media messages unless you trust the source. Stay wary of unknown attachments, links, and websites. 

5. Change Your Passwords

Consider changing your passwords if you feel like someone is breaching your accounts. On certain social media and email platforms, you can also check to see the locations of your logins. A long and complex password that’s devoid of common numerical patterns or words can shield your privacy. 

6. Enable Two-Step Verification

Two-step verification requires someone logging into your account from a new device or location to follow a second verification step before gaining access. For example, if your ex-partner tries to access your Facebook from their computer with your password, they’ll need to enter a unique code sent to your mobile device or email.

7. Verify New Contacts 

Unfortunately, it’s relatively simple for someone to create a new social media profile. Verify new contacts before sharing intimate details or adding them to your friends’ list because they could be abusers in disguise. 

While taking steps to secure your online privacy is essential, it’s also critical to seek assistance when you need it. Find the right resources and get help if you’re the target of an abuser.  


Laptop Mock Up: 5 Reasons Why Businesses Fail

Did you know that 7 out of 10 startups may fail after launching? Yes, this is true. That is why you have to read this article to know the top reasons why many business organizations may suffer from failure. Once you know the main factors of biz failure, of course, you will be able to craft a solution. Knowledge is power, as they say. Be knowledgeable so that you will be able to do everything possible for the purpose of making your brand strong.

Doing business might be a great thing for you. If you are tired of working 8 to 5 during weekdays, then having a business in a particular industry could be a good decision. However, there are things that you should know in order to avoid setbacks and shortcomings. If you are into retailing, you need to make sure that the product you are going to produce and make available on the market is great. To ensure that you can have the great product that the potential market is wishing for, you need to use a Laptop Mock Up

A product mockup serves as the best tool you can use to know and understand the issues and problems of the audience. You have the so-called target market, right? This constitutes those people whom you consider as the potential buyers and users of your product. You have to look for and use the best mock up in order to ensure that you can provide them with the best product ever. Each of the potential customers is expecting something beneficial and useful from your brand. Hence, you need to find a mockup agency to serve this purpose.

You have to keep in mind that failure in business is a harsh reality. It is a waste of time, money and effort. You will not be able to grasp your goals and objectives when your business fails. As such, you need to make sure that you can avoid those things which can lead you to misfortune and failure. Most especially if you are just a startup business, you have to ensure that everything you are doing can contribute to the attainment of great results. 

Why do businesses fail? 

Discussed subsequently are the 5 clear reasons why businesses fail

  1. You are not using a product design mockup. 

You are rushing the process of producing a product for the audience. A disoriented product design is not catchy and luring. Take note that your customers have specific issues and problems. Before you are going to produce a product for them, you need to understand them first. The most common cause of business failure is your negligence of the fact that you need to consult the potential buyers and users before you hit the production button. What does it mean? Make sure that the product you will produce is user-centered. 

A user-centered product is the one which can help the users address their apparent problems. When you have a working product, for sure, many people will visit your website to try your offers. However, you may fail to attract more leads and lure those attracted leads to buy your offers once your product is not relevant to what they are looking for. In other words, one cause of failure is you are not using a MacBook mockup for the purpose of getting facts straight from the potential customers. You have to schedule a product idea presentation in order to get users feedback and comments in relation to your planned product design. 

A product mockup template should be found and used for you to portray and visualize the details of your product design. This is a crucial part of your overall business strategy. Be reminded that the most important thing you need to attain is you can produce a product that is user-oriented. Failure to abide by this rule of thumb can cause your business to suffer from setbacks and drawbacks. The best solution if you are a startup business is to partner with a mockup design agency and download a mockup template from the website of that agency.

  1. Your brand fails to deliver the so-called brand value. 

Delivering brand value is of utmost significance if you want your business to go to the next level. What is brand value? It is about the degree of importance that the customers will feel about your offered solutions (products). Not only that, it is also about the holistic service that the customers will experience from your business organization. Remember that your brand is defined as the connection between your company and the target audience (customers). Your brand value increases when there is a solid connection to be built through time. 

Plain and simple, you have to address the issues that the customers are facing. This is through this process where you can increase the value of your brand and company. People have to recognize your offers (both product and service) as really essential. Otherwise, they will contemplate looking for a new source of the needed product. Doing business must be beyond the idea of marketing (selling your product only). Your brand should be present whenever a customer may need your help. This is how to establish a solid relationship with the audience. 

Establishing brand value is really important for success. You will be able to have greater results and more business opportunities when your business is recognized as a top provider of the needed solution. To beat your competitors, your brand must be loved and embraced by the audience. This is the simplest way you can take your brand to the next level. No more, no less. However, your business will fail if you fail to deliver brand value that the potential market wishes for.

  1. You are not able to connect with the audience. 

Audience connection refers to the great relationship you can develop along the way. This is about your brand. This should be the essence of your business. But once you won’t be able to have a strong connection with the audience, there is a great tendency that your business startup will fail to go to the top. Take note that there is always a tight competition regardless of the industry that you are in. You have to be strongly competitive if you want your business to succeed. Failure to realize this goal is detrimental to your business operation. 

One of the best ways to connect with the audience successfully is to produce a great, helpful and functional product. Is it easy to achieve this goal? The clear answer is no, unless you will be using tools and platforms which can help you have the right user-focused perspectives. The truth of the matter is that your business may fail due to the lack of user-centered approach. When creating a product, it is highly recommended to use a MacBook mockup. Why so? Because this is the right tool product designers are using for the purpose of polishing a great product design. 

  1. Your brand is not unique and inconsistent. 

Uniqueness and consistency are two characteristics that the potential customers are looking for from your brand or company. Therefore, your offer should be unique, and, at the same time, you need to consistently provide a wonderful experience to every possible customer. Brand uniqueness refers to the idea that your company will be recognized as a provider of one-of-a-kind solutions. This goal can be achieved when you are using the best Apple mockup template. Present the ideas about the design of your planned product to the audience and get their thoughts and remarks to arrive at unique product design concepts.

Further to say, consistency must be evident. What is it? It is about the process of delivering the message about your brand which is in line with the core values that you set. You have the so-called brand promise. This promise reflects the essentiality and importance of your offers. People must believe that you are providing them with the ultimate solution to their problems. Take note that when you fail in this aspect, it will lead to business failure.

  1. You fail to compete with the industry leaders. 

Business competition is a must. You have to welcome it because it will push you to go beyond your limit. You should not be afraid of competing with the leaders of your chosen business industry. Why? Because this is a great way for you to go to the next level. You will be obliged to innovate on things which can contribute to more business opportunities. Your business will surely fail, however, once there is failure for your company to embrace competitiveness.

What is the point here? Clearly put, you should not be afraid of the competition. Rather, you need to focus on innovating your strategy. Recognizing the importance of modern-day tools, like those mockups at present, is vital for you to attain dramatic growth and success. Always keep in mind that your business can only beat the competitors once you have the best offer for the audience. To reiterate, they want to see unique and innovative offers. As such, make sure that you are doing everything based on this business principle. 


Start with the right process. Today, you are advised to look for a mockup design company to help you have the right mockup design and template. This is best for you to have the right product for the users. For sure, your brand will succeed if you are going to avoid those factors cited above which can lead you to ultimate business failure. 

Positioning your brand must be done correctly. According to Ramotion, “This is the main reason why we exist. We want to help the different brands have a way to succeed. The mockup designs and templates available on our official site can really help them beat the competitors. With one of our mockup templates, they will be able to understand their target market. This is a prerequisite before they are going to produce a certain product.

You can contact Ramotion now for more details.


Why Do Windows Antiviruses Keep Developing?

To explain effectively why Windows Antiviruses keep developing, I need to first make you: 

  • Understand the usefulness of antiviruses by the mode of infection of Windows computers
  • Understand why Windows computers used for businesses should have Antivirus Now
  • Understand the best products on the market against viruses
  • Understand some ideas for anti-malware and other free monitoring programs
  • Understand the reasons individuals have to buy Windows computer protection software

“A computer connected directly to the network, without protection, will not be left for more than a few minutes before being infected with malware. “ – Adam Molariss, Business IT Security Precise

Whether you use your computer occasionally or regularly, for surfing the Internet as well as for offline word processing, installing and updating an antivirus is a must.

Viral infection is possible in a home network as well as in SMEs or public services – including the military!

Anti-virus protection will always remain essential and the best solution not to change – in Windows in particular – computer equipment every week …

If you surf the Internet, you will quickly experience the benefit of maximum protection: by knowing more about the challenges of mobile security or Windows security, you will understand why you have to protect your computer, and we will do a brief antivirus comparison to guide you.

  1. Understand The Usefulness Of Antiviruses By the Mode Of Infection Of Computers

You will learn this soon enough in Windows computer lessons!

Today, using a computer station in isolation would – almost – no interest.

Everyone finds themselves in one way or another connected to other elements, whether by Internet or via a local network or quite simply by plugging in their tower a CD-ROM, a floppy disk, a key USB, an external hard drive, a device that can be contaminated and infect you.

These connections of different types are necessary to save and then export work or leisure data, but these same gestures can be the source of many disappointments in the event of defective protection: they can be downright fatal for your Windows operating system!

All software can be targeted by an intrusive agent, but an Internet browser is particularly so, hence the need for a shield.

The best antivirus must be executable to counter any intrusion: polymorphic spyware, boot sector, multiple infections, infecting files, macro or social …

A virus scan should result in removing the virus or placing it in quarantine (especially if it is the host’s files that are infected).

  1. Understand Why Windows Computers Used For Businesses Should Have Antivirus Now

The news from time to time speaks of cyberattacks, cybercrime, and other cyberterrorist acts … In fact, the defense of modern states is also done in an intangible way, and the armies of developed countries have specialized sections against Trojans and other malicious programs.

Remember the viral news of the summer of 2017: Saint-Gobain and an infinite number of multinationals around the world lost a lot of data because of the new Petya virus, and their IT tools remained non-functional for nearly two weeks …

“ Ooops, your important files are encrypted ”: This is not just plain data destruction, but ransomware, that is, a malicious entity based on ransom logic.

Here, it is no longer a physical or even sentimental vulnerability that is exploited (such as the kidnapping of a loved one): hackers target intangible elements whose final loss would correspond for the user to a greater financial loss than the loss. the sum requested by the malicious blackmailer.

The employees of these companies with deficient web protection could be delighted to find themselves on vacation or unemployed (depending on the point of view adopted …), but the repetition of such piracy and its propagation would prove to be weapons of mass destruction leading to bankruptcies and chain layoffs …

Some companies rely on the computer security course to learn how to defend themselves against external attacks!

  1. Understand The Best Products On The Market Against Viruses

You will be hard-pressed to find a French antivirus that meets the three encryption criteria for complete protection. Computer scientists from other nations, for their part, are excellent …

RAM worthy of the name will be required to run a virus cleaner without damaging your smartphone.

If a free program may be suitable for individuals, a larger structure will need increased antivirus security protected against any computer virus that could slow down or crash several computers, a server, a network, etc. Paid antivirus is then ideal.

But what is the best antivirus available?

A comparative study on the best antivirus software available always gives the same names, or almost (we rely on the filtering done by Clubic), here’s the list of the worthy tools: Bitdefender Antivirus Plus (better than Bitdefender Free, obviously);

Kaspersky Antivirus; Norton Security; G Data Antivirus; ESET NOD32; F-Secure SAFE; McAfee Antivirus Plus (there is also a free edition, for temporary use).

The main flaw of an XP / Vista or a web browser is its human user.

Protecting yourself against spyware is great; however, phishing often uses classic and non-2.0 methods, such as identity theft, exploitation of human generosity, etc.

Many reflexes are therefore to be adopted in parallel with the download of a good antivirus for Mac or Windows antivirus.

First, there is the activation of its firewall or system firewall. There is also the regular Windows update: any patch is used to protect its disk space, hence the particular weakness of XP or Vista whose technical support – obsolete – has been abandoned.

Be wary of all free tools in the “.EXE” extension (especially if acquired in P2P): being careful means choosing the best possible behavior. Uninstalling or quarantining a free app that slows down your device is a must.

A spam filter will be useful to you, including on GNU / Linux. Remember to format your drives and use backup software (or manually back up your data at fixed times).

Locking your session with passwords helps protect your computer’s most valuable data.

In the family, parental control is prevention against frequenting dubious sites peddling tough infections. Likewise, your browser, even a sophisticated one (Mozilla Firefox perhaps?) Must be equipped with an updater for always up-to-date and secure Internet browsing.

  1. Understand Some Ideas For Anti-Malware And Other Free Monitoring Programs

The free virus is obvious and a poisoned gift that we would gladly do without. On the other hand, premium virus protection can quickly seem expensive.

Yet among the best software for eradicating Windows viruses, there is more than one free antivirus software (fully or partially).

The best free antivirus can be called, depending on your distribution and preferences:

  • Avira, antivirus for Windows;
  • AVG, free antivirus in the free version (especially if you are still using XP or Vista, and can also act as PC optimization);
  • Avast, except pro version;
  • Microsoft Security Essentials;
  • Windows Defender (for Windows 10 in particular);
  • Panda Free Antivirus.

If such a free antivirus does not inspire you much confidence, you can use another premium version software in the trial version, to test it before taking out the credit card. The paid version is usually a requirement after a month or two.

In any case, be careful with fake antivirus whose unwanted properties are confusing … Also note that the proactive nature of Avast Free – among others – makes its coexistence difficult or even impossible with any additional antivirus.

Internet security is so complex that it requires the use of complementary programs: Spybot Search & Destroy (both PC antivirus and antimalware), Malwarebytes (available as a free antivirus for macOS), CCleaner, the Ghostery blocker to fight against ads (or other adware ) and effectively protect each application against cookies …

There will then only be a frequent scan (without waiting for a possible slowdown), effective against residual infections.

  1. Understand The Reasons Individuals Have To Buy Windows Computer Protection Software

Average internet users also need optimal protection, including for their smartphones and tablets.

It is never pleasant to have to use your state-of-the-art Android tablet in safe mode, to lose all the photographs received as attachments, or to see abnormal and unauthorized banking transactions in your bank account due to a lack of good Internet protection …

At this level, even low-quality free protection is better on a Windows PC than the absence of any security software.

If we insist on Microsoft Windows, it is because it is by far the most used system across time and the planet, having early attracted the attention of cybercriminals who take advantage of freedoms (which become “loopholes” ) offered by your PC.

The PC / Mac duel (or Mac / PC, depending on the camp to which one belongs) is also played out, in addition to the simple commercial question of market share, on the prevention and the detection of viruses.

Contrary to popular belief, my Apple computer can potentially be infected: OS X is no longer safe from Trojans (” trojans ” or “trojans”), and installing an antivirus is necessary to acquire the best possible protection.

From your Macbook, you can take an online computer course today to learn about the importance of web security.

To date, it is undoubtedly under Linux (GNU) that one is best protected against any spy: many hackers probably use this user interface, moreover …

However, beware of Bliss, File, VIT, and SIILOV… And this is just the beginning: soon, anti-spyware will become essential, as on Android devices!


Why You Should Pay Attention When You Have Trouble Hearing

Hearing loss is unpredictable and strikes each person uniquely. It won’t necessarily be uniform for you when it happens with different losses in the individual ears. To say the least, it is exceptionally frustrating and, at most, can rob a part of our independence if we allow it, but it doesn’t have to.

There are repercussions when left neglected instead of seeking treatment or obtaining assistive devices. There’s genuinely no reason to make matters worse by ignoring ear health when you could sincerely find a hearing aid under $100, which could potentially preserve the hearing you do have. Many people choose to procrastinate and, unfortunately, suffer the consequences.

The worse the disability becomes, the more significant impact it has on your life. Not only does difficulty hearing limit the industries from which you can choose to work to a degree, but it can restrict your overall lifestyle in numerous different ways, not to mention the changes it creates for listening, understanding, and general communication. 

Why You Should Pay Attention When You Have Trouble Hearing

Generally, with a thorough medical physical, a doctor will either test hearing or request that you go to an audiologist to have your hearing tested and also go for a vision check. Standard yearly exams as part of self-care and wellness. The list gets longer the older you get to ensure long, healthy life and optimum functionality of all your body systems.

If you have a test that shows less than optimum results, the doctor will give you recommendations on steps to take to preserve the hearing you have and avoid further loss. Click for causes of damage to your ear health.

A minor loss is neglected for many people, but doing so can come with significant repercussions since even a small amount of trouble with hearing can impact not only your life but the lives of those around you. Depending on the degree of loss, the following consequences are felt:

** Vocal Changes

Untreated hearing trouble can affect the sound of your voice or, in fact, change it altogether for some people. It can sound different to other people; strangers can comment that you have an unusual accent, or you might hear yourself differently.  

Your perception of volume is thrown off as well. You may feel as though you’re speaking too softly, so you compensate by increasing the volume bit by bit until you sense in your throat that you’re projecting forcibly. It’s not until you get hearing aids, though, that you realize that you’ve been shouting more so than merely speaking louder than usual.

** Films Or Music

You don’t know how much closed captioning means until you go untreated with damage to your ears. It’s challenging when there is background noise in the movie, like with action flicks or if the people are not facing forward, which is often the case. In most romantic movies or dramas, the actors speak in ultra-soft tones and if anyone is wearing anything on their face – forget it. 

Ultimately, you find yourself straining to hear what’s being said in films, making you appreciate the words at the bottom of the screen. If the closed captioning option is not available, most people either choose not to watch movies at all or will go ahead and get the assistive devices they need to hear and be comfortable.

** Noisy Conversations

Ambient noise is harsh even for people who have perfect hearing, making conversations difficult. For those developing challenges trying to hear, it can be impossible to hold a conversation with all the sounds happening around them to the point of overwhelming. 

With specific aids, you can make adjustments to them, so the ambient sounds are controlled, creating fewer distractions and allowing for more focus on the person with whom you’re trying to hold a conversation. But first, you have to go for treatment and be fitted for adequate assistive devices to have this luxury. Neglecting loss creates more harm than good.

** Safety Concerns

For the most part, emergency devices like alarms and safety equipment alert individuals using auditory or visual components, typically not both. If you neglect your auditory issues, you might miss a fire alarm or perhaps a siren for a tornado warning with potential risk for your life.

That would also be the case for alerts for carbon monoxide plus other safety signals inside the home that would require an immediate response and for you to take quick action to leave the house. 

You can’t smell carbon monoxide. You have to hear the detector. The same is true for a home security system. Not taking adequate care of your ear health can result in serious safety issues if not detrimental to your life. If there’s no better reason to get treatment and find out options for correcting the loss, this is the only reason for the need, especially if you have children.

Final Thought

People don’t intentionally choose to neglect their health. It sometimes seems we put it on the back burner because it’s the only thing that can go back there since everything else has priority written all over it, whether it’s kids, jobs, pets, households. 

Then one day, it comes down to where the problem affects all of those other priorities negatively, so it then becomes the primary priority, and you finally take the time to get the treatment. Go to  to learn about sudden deafness and the importance of seeking help for the condition immediately.

Of course, generally, when you finally have time to go for an appointment, it progressively gets worse than if you had gone at the first sign of a problem. But that’s always going to be the case in this hectic, chaotic world that we live in. As long as a parent has life responsibilities or professionals have goals and careers, or students are stressed with school, that’s the way many people sadly deal with self-care, ultimately to the detriment of themselves.


How to Successfully Work From Home

Working from home is the newest phrase of the moment, considering the amount of people who were sent home from their offices and told to log in remotely to their work as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, working from home brings with it a whole series of different challenges compared to working in the office. To make sure that you are equipped with these challenges—whether you work as a freelancer, are starting your own business, or have been employed remotely—read this guide to learn all about how to make your work from home a success. 

Stick to Office Hours 

To make sure that you are not working more than you should, like so many people have done as the lines between work and play have been blurred over the past year, you should make sure that you are sticking carefully to fixed working hours. By doing this you can be sure to mitigate against the very real affects of burnout, which could actually cause you serious mental and physical harm, as well as affect your chances of you effectively completing your work. 


Get a Great Laptop

Although you will be working virtually, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need an actual physical piece of hardware in order to get started. That’s why it’s essential that you either buy yourself a great laptop or ask your workplace if they would be so kind as to provide a laptop for you. If you opt for the former choice, you should definitely take a look around in order to find the best deals on laptops possible. 

Take a Fake Commute 

There are a lot of aspects that people don’t like about the commute: the huge mass of people, the long times waiting in traffic, and the fact that you don’t get any time to yourself in the morning before work. Working from home eliminates all that and can also boost your mental health in the process. The downside of the commute being over is that you don’t have an automatic reason to get out of the house. In order to boost your health and connect yourself with the natural world around you, it is recommended that you take a walk both in the morning and after your work is done. 

Use Videoconferencing Software 

Even though you might have to work away from the office, it is likely that people will still want you to check in for a chat. The best way to do this is to schedule meetings via teleconferencing software, the likes of which skyrocketed in popularity over the past year or so. Make sure that the company that provides this software has the right package, so you have unlimited time limits on meetings as well as the ability to talk to as many people as possible. Additionally, just because you’re on video doesn’t mean that you should look slovenly. Remember to shape up and look professional, just as if you are in the office itself.