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  • How to Choose a Cyber Security Course

    What is Cyber Security? Cyber security is keeping your online data safe from fraud. There are people who are trained to do this, and it becomes more and more important each day. Everyone – from individuals and small businesses to large businesses and government entities. We definitely need more cyber security in the world today. […]

  • 7 Top Paying Tech Jobs in 2022

    Tech jobs are increasing, and it’s easy to see why. While many of these positions require technical knowledge, the skillset needed for most tech jobs has expanded to include business acumen, creative thinking, and problem-solving. Moreover, because these positions are so complex and diverse, they often command high salaries. So what are the best-paying tech […]

  • How to enhance product’s quality and prevent risks with functional testing

    Before launching a new product on the market, it must pass through a vital functional software testing phase in the software development lifecycle. This phase ensures that the product meets quality criteria and business requirements. In terms of software testing, functionality includes all actions performed by the application, accessibility features, user interface features, APIs, and […]

  • Why learning a Foreign Skill is crucial in the field of Cybersecurity

    Even with the huge advances in internet technology, cybersecurity remains a huge issue worldwide. This means that there is a huge demand for cybersecurity experts to defend individuals and corporations against the ever-growing cyber threats.  The task of a cybersecurity expert is to track current and evolving cyber threats and neutralize them to avoid disruptions. […]

  • How does CRM Help to Increase Response to Marketing Emails?

    CRM is an excellent tool in email marketing, where adapting content and information is key. CRM systems give a lot of the records or knowledge that allows for customized email marketing. CRM email marketing is based on the email receiver rather than a big, generic market, resulting in higher profitability and more connected clients. With […]

  • How to Protect Yourself From the Most Common Online Scams

    The recent pandemic has accelerated the shift towards digitalization. However, this shift comes with increasing cybersecurity risks. Besides small and large organizations, many threat actors target individuals like you. Hence, it is vital to educate yourself about all the typical online scams and avoid them. Identity Theft One of the biggest scams targeting individuals is […]

  • C# Security Assessment and Testing

    As the dependence on computers, the internet and software increases, so does the rate of cybercrimes. The total number of malware infections was 12.4 million in 2009, which increased to 816.2 million in 2019. That calls for one thing; extensive security testing and assessment of any and all pieces of software produced and deployed across […]

  • 6 Most Common (And Popular) APIs People Install on Their Websites

    APIs – Application Programming Interfaces – are vital tools to modern web and web app developers. APIs make life easier for these developers, as well as those who use the websites or applications.  An API works in a complex manner using a very straightforward concept. It simply acts as the gateway between two applications, where […]

  • All You Need to Know About Hacking Attempts & Prevention

    With the advent of the World Wide Web, a lot of industries have seen inevitable growth, but it also unveiled the downsides of the connected ecosystem. Some of these include the spam messages that started filling up the email accounts and the malware attacks that posed threats to many businesses. Unauthorized access of hackers to […]

  • What is Microsoft OneDrive?

    Microsoft OneDrive is the cloud storage platform offered by Microsoft to provide a safe and secure storage facility for all your files in a single place. This service enables you to access files in OneDrive remotely from anywhere in the world.  The OneDrive service can be considered to be an online version of your external drive. The […]

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