Top 5 Lesser Known Yet Engaging Games for Android

January 21, 2013

Android gaming has emerged as the favorite pastime for many, more so in the last few years as Android has gained popularity and acceptance all around the world. Gone are the days when we had no choice but to play graphically unappealing games on media gaming stations. Now with the advent of thousands of games especially designed for the Android platform, there is no dearth of choices, be it a game of any genre, right from action to adventure to sports.

What this variety has done is that now gaming is not only limited to youngsters, people of every age group can find some interesting games that suit their tastes. Those who are fond of card games and are used to visiting sites such as Partypoker can also find many games that will interest them. Since most of the Android games have already been covered elsewhere, we have decided to bring you 5 of the most engaging Android games that aren’t that popular but have the potential to provide some serious fun! Here they go:

1. Air Navy Fighters Lite

If you are fond of games based on fighting, especially those involving aerial combat, then you are sutre to enjoy this wonderful gaming app called Air Navy Fighters Lite, a game where you are in charge of a navy aircraft and are entrusted with the task of destroying the enemy bases. Thanks to the stunning graphics and highly advanced simulation, you actually start feeling as if you are flying a real aircraft! Using the multi-touch controls, you can not only employ different strategies such as using a variety of weapons, engaging the radar but also protect your jet from the enemy’s SAM missiles! If you start playing this game, you will have a thrilling time destroying warships and choppers and completing your missions!

2. Elite Force

Since most of us are fans of the action genre, it makes sense to cover another top-notch game from the same genre, although this one is based on ground combat between terrorists and counter-terrorists. Although the concept is pretty much like CounterStrike, the popular PC game, the best part about it is that it is a first person shooter 3D game, which means the graphics are quite superb. The idea behind it is that you play a counter terrorist who is the last surviving member of his team, so it’s up to you to salvage the pride of your unit and tackle all the terrorists who come in your way. To ensure that you do not get bored even after playing it for days, there are four modes to choose from – Elite Force, Delta Force, War Battle and Counter Siege, each one with a different mix of characters, weapons and even style of play!

3. Archery World Cup 2

One of my favorite all time sporting games, and one that is especially fun to play on your smartphone in your leisure time when you do not much else to do. Till now there were not many games related to sports shooting for the Android platform, but ever since the launch of Archery World Cup 2, the scene has drastically changed, which is probably the reason for its sudden spike in popularity in the last couple of months. The best part about this game is that there are two modes to choose from – one is the classic practise mode wherein you can fine tune your archery skills, and the other is the World Cup mode, where you are pitted against dozens of real time players from around the world, which is where you can really test your skills. Not only that, there are three medals up for grabs – Gold, Silver and Bronze, so you literally end up playing this game again and again to boost up your medals tally!

4. Crazy Grandpa

This one is also a pretty enthralling game, with splendid graphics like most of the games discussed above. You play the role of a old grandpa who has taken to the skates, so it is up to you to ensure he has a thrilling time out on the roads and at the same time preventing him from any accidents or mishaps by avaoiding many road traps, bumpers, work stalls and much more. Although it can be a bit tough to learn in the beginning, with sufficient amount of game time, you will come to terms with the style of play and that’s where the real fun starts! There are dozens of scenes and wacky equipments that are available to be unlocked when you clear the various challenges, which only end up making the game all the more fun and entertaining!

5. 100 Doors 2013

Since we have discussed both action and sports games, it is imperative that we bring to you one very different game, that is both interesting and also helps to build your thinking skills. Known as 100 Doors 2013, the second version in the series, the game comes with over 85 doors, with the main objective being solving the various intricately designed mini puzzles that have to be solved to unlock that door. The USP of this game is its unique style of play and impressive graphics, both og which make it a winner in terms of user engagability. Since you will invariably have to use your thinking skills in order to solve each puzzle, you are bound to enjoy the game for hours on the go, without even realiziing for how long you have been playing it! If you are a fan of puzzle games and enjoy challenges, then you should surely give it a try.

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