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Q/A: Springboard Series Virtual Roundtable – Windows 7 Application Compatibility Part 2: Virtualization

Mark RussinovichThe Springboard Series VRT on Windows 7 Virtualization just got over few minutes back and it was a phenomenal session.

There was a lot of quality talking which happened during the VRT and loads of questions were answered as well. We should be having the Official Video out in few days on the Springboard website, However, i documented the questions which were asked during the session for folks who have missed this VRT. You can read them below.

What is the release date? PK
Windows 7 Enterprise is currently available. All other SKUs are available 10/22

Release date of windows vpc?
We are currently in RC. Watch for a release soon at

Is there a live discussion going on now? Am I suppose to see anything on the large black screen?
Try refreshing the page. The video is live and streaming

What`s the email address for questions?
You can post questions here for the panel

Does XPMode vhd need to be joined if using in a domain to access domain shares
Yes it does.

any improvements in usb support in new vpc?
Yes, Windows Virtual PC, on Windows 7, supports USB devices

Hi! Where can I find more info on app-V?
The product web page for App-V is If you are looking for technical information the App-V TechCenter is located at

is xpmode available only to enterprise?
XPMode is available in Windows 7 Pro and above

Hi, Where can I download XPMode add-on?

Does XPMode need to be patched / need anti-virus, etc.? i.e. is it another discrete OS that needs to be fuly managed?
Yes, it`s a separate OS instance that needs to be managed and secured

Does SCCM have functionallity to deploy applications to the Windows XP mode VM? Does the VM has to be switched on, can this process be automated?
Windows XP Mode or MED-V VMs can be joined to the domain, and applications can be deployed with SCCM. VM has to be switched on for that.

are you going to tak about w2k8 R2 and Hyper-V R2?
This session of Springboard is focused on Desktop Virtualization and it`s relation to Windows 7 deployment. Server virtualization will not be covered today.

what virtualization solutions are best suited for the co-existance of IE browsers on the XP platform?
MED-V – we`ll see a demo later

I see some people refer to Windows Virtual PC as VPC7 – but that`s a Mac app. What`s the right name?
Official names are “Windows Virtual PC” and “Windows XP Mode”

is there a limit on how many users on a pc can use XPmode (from licensing point)?
XPM is desigined to support the user of the device

Can you post email address to send questions?
You can post your questions for the panel right here.

will you continue xp lifecycle for support xp mode?
XP life cycle will not change.

Can you talk about UAC on w2k8? applcation breaks too
UAC was actually covered in part 1 of the applcation compatibility virtual round table found here:

how`s XPModel different from an installation of windows xp on virtual pc??? It seems to me to be same technique with a different name
Indeed – Windows XP Mode IS a preinstalled Windows XP VM , running on Windows Virtual PC

Is there a way around using a volume license for MED-V?
MDE-V is sold as part of MDOP. MDOP is available to purchase as a subscription to all customer who purchase a Windows Client SA/EA

Is app-v same as softgrid?
Yes – App-V is the Microsoft name for Softgrid

When will xp mode be RTM?
XP Mode is a feature of Windows 7 Pro and above. Windows 7 will launch in October

If I install XP Mode on Win7, can I continue to host many existing Virtual PC 2007 VPCs? Does Windows Virtual PC upgrade and replace Virtual PC 2007?
They will not be able to run simultaneously

does the vm have access to host`s hdd or it`s neccessary to transfer files over lan?
there is a file share mechanism – that looks like a network shared drive, for accessing the host hard drive

Will active directory tools work in XPM?

I am from India?Is the launch date for windows 7 the same as elsewhere?Can I get retail copy of windows 7 on 23or 24th of October?
General Availbility date is 22th – also for India

I came a bit late and missed the introduction. Is it possible to show these little grafics again, which states the speaker`s names. thnx
We will be..thank you

Is XP license included? Or I have to buy one to use XP mode?
For Windows 7 pro and up, the Virtual Windows XP is included

what is the OS licensing implications of running windows 7 and XPMode (in effect another XP OS) when you do need to connect the XPM to a domain. Do both OS`s need licensing as seperate products.
The Windows XP OS license is part of Windows 7 Professional license. You don`t need any additional CAL (Client Access Licenses) to connect the PC to the domain for using the XP VM

I came a little late too could you start over?
They said no, sorry. However, the session will be available for you to replay.

Can you post the meail address or should we send questions direct to Mark?
Please post any questions for the panel here.

is Micosoft Office AppV compatible?
yes. Office is App-V compatible. There are some recipes steps located at the following location The demo also jsut showed 2003 and 2007 running side by side.

If I want to use more than one instanse of XP? Win7 Pro has license included for that also?
one instance only. Additional licensing is available for Software Assurance customers.

When will Microsoft have a fix for the problems when virtualizing Office 2007? This is a show stopper.
It depends on which problems you are referrring to. Office 2007 can be virtualized today with App-V. See more information here

MDOP is great. But if a PC isn`t on SA, how can that be done later? Does Windows have to be licensed again but with SA?
You can purchase Windows SA after the purchase of the PC – in this case you don`t have to purchase a full version of the Windows OS again (assuming it was purchased with the PC). One point to take into account is that you can only purchase Windows SA for a PC if the system is licensed with a business or professional version of Windows

can i install windows 7 on both my desktop and laptop?
Yes – assuming you have two licenses

can you load packages from SCCM to App-V?
App-V only distributes virtual applications. SCCM delivers physical AND virtual. The virtual application is created using the App-V Sequencer independently from the infrastrcuture that delivers it. Once created is can be used by SCCM or App-V

Should App-V be used to stream apps to the virtual containers, or to the host OS?
App-V can be used to stream to the host OS or to the VPC. Both require the App-V client is installed

Just out of curiosity – Do we need to own a license for Windows XP to use the Microsoft provided VHD
The Windows XP license comes for free with the Windows 7 Professional license. For other Windows versions you have to buy it seperate. Additional a Windows XP VM license is included in most of the Volume Licensing offers

Will i be able to install XPMode in my WIN7RC?
Yes – you can download the Windows XP mode RC today

Is there a step-by-step guide for App-V setup?
yes. There is much documentation on the App-V TechCenter at Specifically you can find the App-V Trial Guide at This will help get you up and running in your lab environment quickly.

To be clear, running MED-V(running XP) on the XP platform will require an additional OS license?
No – not if the host PC is licensed with Windows SA with includes the additional OS licenses for virtualization (on the same system)

Does App-V come free with Windows 7
App-v is part of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack which is available for purchase for Windows SA customers

Is there a step by step guide to setup Med-V?
You can download the software and documentation for evaluation at MSDN/TechNet subscriber site. There will be a quick start guide available in two weeks at

I have heard that microsoft has alrady started work on windows 8!
Yes – our research and development cycle ensures we are almost always working on muultiple versions on Windows at the same time

It there an ability to repackage our own XP Mode with our application pre-packaged, or would this be a violation of the license?
That depends on your agreement. please consult licensing expert or your Microsoft representative

How machine MED-V (XP) sessions am I licensed for under WIN7 Enterprise?
4 seperate Windows XP VM`s per Windows 7 Enterprise host

Does the light App-V infrastructure Support both streaming and stand-alone virtualisation?
Yes. You can use App-V Full Infrastrcuture, integration with SCCM or App-V integration with 3rd party for Streaming. You can accomplish standalond virtualization with App-V as well. There is no infrastrcuture required when using standalone mode. More information can be found here: App-V Product Web Page – App-V Application Publishing and Client Interaction

Does the light App-V infra. Supports both streaming and stand-alone?
There is no infrstructure required when using standalone mode Take a look at some additional information here. App-V Product Web Page –

Great session. Thank you for putting this on…
Thank you, we`re glad you enjoyed it.

Is there going to be any changes to licensing in APP-V (Softgrid). Right now ti is pretty complicated.
There are no plans to change the licensing. Currently there are three ways to purchase. App-V for Desktops is available via Software assurance. App-V for Terminal Services was previously a separate offering but is not included in the Windows Server 2008 R2 CAL App-V for Hosters is an offering that is available for Outsourcers and Hosters who want to deliver applications as a service.

To be clear. XP mode in Windows 7 Pro I do not need a XP License!
Correct – XP Mode (including the XP OS license) is part of the Windows 7 Pro license

Blah blah blah!
Blah blah blah! 🙂

Are there increased client emmory requirements with the use of MED-V? – e.g. is it feasible on 1GB machines?
MED-V has no further requirements beyond running a Virtual Machine with Windows XP. That`s at least 256MB. We recommend 1.5 GB for the host

Yes, great session! Thank you!
Thank you for watching.

Why would XP mode be vulnerable if configured with not NIC? Why would you need AV, PAtching, etc??? How would it be vulnerable?
Since it`s a standard Windows XP instance, you are exposed to similar risks as any Windows XP. That`s why we recommend adopting the standard security mechanisms

Is there a way to monitor or calculate the bandwiidth needed for App-V installs?
There is not a specific calculation as it depends on the package size and the network bandwidth that is available.

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Hats off VJ for sharing this VRT Q&A……….:)
Very Very good job. It cleared most of the doubts with WIndows7 with XP mode and APP-V related.

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