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It’s only recently that businesses have started focusing on modern application performance management techniques, and along comes cloud computing and other “hybrid IT” elements (such as Software as a Service) to make application performance even more complicated.

In The Definitive Guide to Monitoring the Data Center, Virtual Environments, and the Cloud by business technology writer and analyst Don Jones, you’ll see how application performance management techniques need to evolve to accommodate hybrid IT. You’ll learn about emerging techniques and technologies, and develop a “shopping list” of capabilities that your IT environment will need in order to survive in the Hybrid Age. This guide will make Dell Virtualization a much easier proposition to implement into your business.

This complete book includes the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Evolving IT: Data Centers, Software as a Service, Hosted Solutions,Virtualization, and Clouds
  • Chapter 2: Traditional IT Monitoring, and Why it No Longer Works
  • Chapter 3: The Customer is King: Monitoring the End User Experience
  • Chapter 4: Success is in the Details: Monitoring at the Component Level
  • Chapter 5: The Capabilities You Need to Monitor IT From the Datacenter into the Cloud
  • Chapter 6: IT Health: Management Reporting as a Service

Download the complete 111 page book today!

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