Difference between Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise and other SKUs

Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate are the most versatile and powerful editions and are designed to address the needs of both enterprise customers and consumers who want every feature of Windows 7.

While the features in these editions are the same, Windows 7 Enterprise includes volume activation capabilities and is only available to customers with a Microsoft Software Assurance Agreement.

Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate help make you productive anywhere, enhance security and control, and streamline PC management. They also offer remarkable ease of use with the entertainment features of Home Premium and the business features of Professional, plus the flexibility to work in many different languages. Quite simply, Windows 7 Enterprise and Windows 7 Ultimate include everything Windows 7 has to offer.

In addition to the below mentioned features, these editions include the following:

  • Microsoft BitLocker™ and BitLocker To Go™ drive encryption and data protection on internal and external drives and storage devices
  • DirectAccess, which helps give you a more secure connection to your corporate network over the Internet
  • Microsoft BranchCache™, which helps provide faster access to content from remote file and Web servers at branch locations
  • Microsoft AppLocker™, which helps prevent unauthorized software from running on workers’ PCs
  • Enterprise Search Scopes, which make it easy to discover and search content on intranet portals
  • Multilingual user interface packs, which let you work in any of 35 languages

Summing up, the other SKUs –

Windows 7 Starter Edition is the entry-level edition for small notebook PCs and other PCs with limited hardware. It makes using your PC simpler. Key features that you will find in the Starter edition include the following::

Windows 7 Home Basic makes the things you do every day faster and easier. This edition is designed for value PCs in emerging markets. Home Basic includes the following:

  • Live thumbnail previews
  • Advanced networking support (ad hoc wireless networks and Internet connection sharing)
  • Ability to extend your screen across multiple monitors

Windows 7 Home Premium is the best entertainment experience on your PC. This edition provides full functionality on the latest hardware, easy ways to connect, and a visually rich environment. you’ll also get the following:

  • Advanced window navigation and personalization with several new Microsoft Aero® desktop improvements
  • The ability to create a homegroup, so you can easily share files between your networked PCs and devices
  • The ability to watch Internet TV and record TV on your PC with Windows Media Center
  • Remote Media Streaming and improved support for different media formats

Windows 7 Professional is everything you need for work and home.This business-focused edition is great for small- and medium-sized companies, and people who have networking, backup, and security needs and multiple PCs or servers. You’ll also get the following:

  • Domain Join, which gives you the ability to join a managed Windows Server network
  • Advanced Backup and Restore to help you back up your entire system to a home or business network,
  • Encrypted File System to help protect your data
  • Windows XP Mode for running older productivity applications that require Windows XP
  • Location Aware Printing, which helps you set different default printers for your home and work networks

Courtesy: Windows 7 Product Overview Notes


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