Download Video and Ebook – Overview of Cloud Computing

Check out this video “What is Windows Azure and why should I use it?“, where Mark Kottke, Principal Consultant at Microsoft, and Chris Henley, Senior IT Professional Evangelist with Microsoft, discuss early adopter customer experiences with Windows Azure, SQL Azure, and Microsoft Cloud Services.

CloudAlso, Joey and Brian describe what SaaS (Software as a Service) is,  Software plus Services and cloud computing are, and point out types of applications which are best-suited for the cloud. Brian is happy to reveal how IT professionals move up the value food chain and do more of what they aspire to as they begin to leverage cloud computing. The discussion rounds out with a white board chat about the spectrum of applications that might run on-premises, hosted, or in the cloud for an enterprise. View/ Download the Video here

One of the Cloud Computing Strategist Janakiram has authored an eBook on Demystifying the Cloud. ‘Demystifying The Cloud’ has 6 chapters. The first three chapters focus on the core concepts and terminologies while the rest of the chapters introduce the popular Cloud Computing stacks including Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine and Microsoft Windows Azure. This book is meant for developers who want to understand the fundamentals of Cloud Computing. – Download this ebook here (PDF document)

In this cloud computing video, Brian gives the white board a workout as he describes the Windows Azure architecture and answers questions about the IT Pro’s role. With Windows Azure, IT Pros have to deploy applications and manage their health, predict and manage demand for applications, and make sure data is backed up and secure. Brian describes the Windows Azure Platform Application Fabric and touches on SQL Azure, storage elements, blobs, queues and tables. –View/Download this video here

If you’re interested in learning more about cloud computing terminology and architecture, read Darryl Chantry’s article here

How Secure is Cloud Computing?

As with other major technological transitions, the evolution of cloud computing has drawn widespread attention and scrutiny in the news media. It has also raised policy questions concerning how people, organizations, and governments handle information and interactions in this environment. However, with regard to most security and data privacy questions, cloud computing reflects the evolution of the Internet computing experiences we have long enjoyed, rather than a revolution.

This paper examines, at a high level, the changes that this evolution will likely bring to computer security and includes benefits as well as challenges.

Download this paper here [.pdf format]



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