How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Gmail?

When you try to import contacts from your other email account or when you sync your mobile contacts with that of your gmail, most of the times you land up having lot of duplicate contacts!

This duplication is really painful and it always troubles you, only when you are in an urgent need. For eg: when you want to contact your friend.. you land up having his Work email and his personal email stored in different contacts.! In this short Tip, lets look at how to fix the same.

Step 1: Login to your gmail account, and click on the Contacts tab in the left column tab. This will display you all the contacts you have on your gmail account. Now click on My Contacts, this will list all the contacts and groups which you have. Also, it gives you an option which says, Do you have any duplicated contacts?- As shown below

Finding Duplicated Contacts on Gmail

Step 2: Click on the Find Duplicates button, this will search for all the contacts in your email account and give you a list of the contacts which are duplicated. Now you can click on the Merge Button. This will merge all the duplicated entries and make it into a single contact.

Merging Duplicate Contacts on Gmail

This completes the short little tip!

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  1. Hi Vijay, great post. Another online tool we’ve developed is Scrubly. The service automatically removes duplicate contacts and merges compatible duplicates automatically. The nice thing about our tool is the ability to selectively merge fields through a easy to use interface. Google’s tool does not give you the granular flexibility.

    Scrubly also supports Outlook, Mac Address Book and Google Apps contacts. You can check it out here



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