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Merge – Merge Module Contents to an MSI


There is always a need for a merging tool when we want to add the components in a merge module to our Installation Package(MSI). All the major packaging tools offer this functionality. There’s also an utility called MsiMerg.exe that ships as part of the Windows Installer SDK. 

The syntax for using this utility – msimerg.exe {base db} {ref db}

It turns out that the base database is the Installer package that we’re merging to, and the reference database is the merge module that we want to add to the package. 

Eg: msimerg ABC10EN.msi comcat.msm 

This will add the information from the comcat merge module to the ABC10EN Installer package. If there are any errors during the merge, it will create a table named _MergeErrors for our further inspection.

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