Best Practices Microsoft Windows Installer, Application Compatibility and Deployments

Microsoft Best Practices & Standards: Application Packaging


Here are a few tips I picked up from Microsoft about how to “color inside the lines” when using any tool (including Wise Package Studio) to create an MSI.

  1. Match components in previous versions of the MSI:
    Key path resource matches a resource in previous .MSI list
    Match component layout of previous .MSI
    Set component key to match previous version.
  2. Add all executable files to their own components
  3. Create new component for the resource
  4. Add all .TLB files to their own components
  5. Group matching .HLP and .CNT files together
  6. Group matching .CHM and .CHI files together
  7. Put registry keys associated with files or components in matching components.
  8. Put current user registry keys in their own component
  9. Put non-current user registry keys in their own component.
  10. Group all non-executable files to their own component
  11. Name new non-advertised shortcuts by destination directory.
  12. Group non-key path resources by resource type
  13. Create new components for resources not matching other criteria.
  14. Set component key to table name of key path or the first resource.

Hope these little guidelines helps!

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