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The Shortcut Guide to Centralized SharePoint AdministrationMicrosoft SharePoint has emerged as a market leader in satisfying corporate needs for data storage, archiving, collaboration, and delivery due in part to its scalability and customization potential. But SharePoint’s scalability and customizability can be a double-edged swords, despite the best of deployment or governance plans. As in most organic systems, lack of content control can lead to data sprawl, endangering network resources and thwarting your company’s ability to make timely strategic decisions. In large enterprises the overhead of SharePoint’s native decentralized administration tools can quickly undermine scaling advantages.

In The Shortcut Guide to Centralized SharePoint Administration, you will learn how to implement reliable data management policies across scaled SharePoint environments with the least amount of administrative overhead. Author Wendy Henry will explore data deployment and migration methods as well as content compliance and availability strategies, both native and third party. You will gain a deep understanding of the SharePoint administration hierarchy and how it applies to Microsoft’s three-tiered administration model for SharePoint. You will also learn how to manage access security and data across multiple SharePoint locations. The eBook concludes with an informative set of best practices for archiving and reporting on SharePoint data.

Chapters in this complete Realtime eBook include:

Chapter 1: Common Challenges in SharePoint Administration
Chapter 2: Understanding SharePoint Administration Hierarchy
Chapter 3: Managing Multiple SharePoint Locations
Chapter 4: SharePoint Archiving and Reporting Best Practices

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More from the Author….“Today’s information workers and business analysts demand immediate, reliable access to critical information.  Microsoft SharePoint is touted as a collaborative solution for all networks, large and small, thanks to its componentized design and scalable architecture,” explains author Wendy Henry.  “The Shortcut Guide to Centralized SharePoint Administration examines challenges faced when using the native administration tools and offers solutions for mitigating administrative overhead to get the most out of your SharePoint investment.”

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