How to make Windows 7 Deployment Easy? – Effective Guides

With the Windows 7 adoptions on the high, organizations are looking for key resources to deploy and monitor their IT Assets efficiently. This article provides you information on effective Guides which eases the Windows 7 Deployment process. I reckon, this article will especially be useful to a lot of IT Pros.

Choosing a Windows 7 Deployment Strategy

Looking to start you deployment of Windows 7? Not sure where to start or the resources available? Read this concise article on the recommended deployment strategies and the tools that support them.

Analysing your environment with Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit

Do you want to know what is running in organization so you can plan a Windows 7 deployment? The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit is a free solution accelerator that can inventory you infrastructure.

Offline Servicing an OS Wim Image

This Article provides you information on how to Mount a Wim image, add and remove drivers to Images, Enable a feature in the mounted image offline, Unmount and cleanup a Wim Image.

Prepare your Applications for Windows 7

We all have this question in our mind. “Why does my application break when we change the Operating Systems?”

Windows 7 LogoTypically, whenever a new OS is released, Microsoft makes every effort to ensure application Compatibility. Unfortunately, as the OS evolves and when reliability, security and performance improvements are made, there are some comprises which are made that ends up breaking some applications. Thankfully, when the changes are decided to be made, there is some mitigation planned to address the applications which are broken.  Hence, Application Compatibility is one important which is on the top of everybody’s mind.

Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5 Guides / How To Tutorials

These series of posts covers information on how the core changes of Windows 7 will affect the applications. Also, it covers some basic methods to mitigate these issues from the viewpoint of Developers, IT Pros and End-users.

A key consideration when moving to Windows 7 is whether your applications will run successfully. Download the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) to access the necessary tools and documentation to evaluate and mitigate application compatibility issues before deploying Windows 7

Five Steps to Windows 7 Application Readiness

Trying to decide if the applications you use in your organization will run on Windows 7? Follow these 5 steps to determine application Readiness.

Application Management and Preparing for a Windows 7 Deployments

Read this concise article that will walk you through the variety of approaches to addressing compatibility issues and the tools available to help you.

Commonly-used application shims here

Watch this video and see how to apply commonly-used shims to legacy application to enable them to work on Windows 7.

Understanding Application Compatibility

Why might your application not work on Windows 7? There are a few reasons such as enhanced security or retired components. This article walks you through the areas that might affect your applications.


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