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Create, Attach and Remove a Virtual Hard disk(.vhd) files

This techtip would give information on how to create or attach a virtual hard disk file(.vhd) in Windows 7. We will also see a small overview of Disk2vhd tool. This article is primarily intended for beginners (Level 100).


createvhdStep 1: Press the Windows Key, right-click on Computer. Go to Manage > Disk Management > Action > Create VHD.

Specify the location and size of your virtual hard disk file.

Step 2: Now to attach the virtual disk files. Press the Windows Key, right-click on Computer. Go to Manage > Disk Management > Action > Attach VHD. Specify the location and whether it’s read only or not.

Step 3: Again to initialize a virtual hard disk, follow the step 2 and specify the location, then click Ok. Next right click on the virtual disk and click on Initialize Disk.

Step 4: Choose the partition style that you want to use and then right-click on the unallocated space. Next click the New Simple Volume and follow the rest of instructions in the wizard.

You would see a new drive appear in the Windows Explorer that you can use as a real partition.


Disk2vhd is a utility that creates VHD (Virtual Hard Disk – Microsoft’s Virtual Machine disk format) versions of physical disks for use in Microsoft Virtual PC or Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs). The difference between Disk2vhd and other physical-to-virtual tools is that you can run Disk2vhd on a system that’s online. Disk2vhd uses Windows’ Volume Snapshot capability, introduced in Windows XP, to create consistent point-in-time snapshots of the volumes you want to include in a conversion. You can even have Disk2vhd create the VHDs on local volumes, even ones being converted (though performance is better when the VHD is on a disk different than ones being converted).

Command Line Usage
Disk2vhd includes command-line options that enable you to script the creation of VHDs. Specify the volumes you want included in a snapshot by drive letter (e.g. c:) or use “*” to include all volumes.

Usage: disk2vhd <[drive: [drive:]…]|[*]>
Example: disk2vhd * c:\vhd\snapshot.vhd

You can download the disk2vhd tool here!!

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