Complete eBook: Using e-Documents for Collaboration

Collaboration and information exchange are ubiquitous in today’s business, government, and non-profit organizations. We have many ways to share information, from emails and instant messages to forums and social networking services. Along with new ways to share information, the traditional business document has evolved.

sguecThe first major evolution of the document came with word processing, which made the production and revision of documents more efficient.

Today, electronic content-sharing tools go beyond basic word processing to support collaborative content development, the use of complex workflows, and even the creation of audit trails to track document revisions. This guide describes how to effectively and efficiently use electronic content sharing to the complex information exchange and collaboration requirements of today’s organizations.

This guide is presented in four chapters:

Chapter 1 examines how document-sharing methods are changing and how new business drivers and ways of collaborating with electronic document sharing are helping us move beyond traditional word processing documents to more efficient means of collaborating and sharing information.

Chapter 2 examines the diverse array of factors affecting content creation and how different industries can use information exchange practices to meet their particular needs. Examples are drawn from life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and government.

Chapter 3 describes ways to realize productivity gains and cost savings by streamlining around e-document technologies. Topics include document creation, data collection forms, collaboration services, review-and-approve workflows, and security measures for e-documents.

Chapter 4 discusses the need to align content and forms management with business strategy. Emphasis is placed on identifying potential areas for efficient content and forms management and establishing supportive business practices for efficient content sharing.

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